Monday, February 27, 2012

The many faces of the kids

I decided to take some pictures of Kaitlyn the other night to show how weird her hair is growing in... and the lack of hair as well. lol.

But first.... the boys take my camera on a regular basis when I don't know it. I never know when I download pictures what I am going to find. This picture of Jordan was on there. I couldn't resist. It captures his personality perfectly.

With Josh's developmental delays and as Kaitlyn is getting older, we have noticed the developmental gap between them getting smaller. It has become almost like twins in some ways. Kaitlyn is learning to sign already and knows about 6 signs now. Josh signs. I am changing diapers for both. So it has just become the natural order of things to get them into the same bedtime routine now as well. So we started bathing them together at night and then we tag-team getting them ready for bed.

I took these pictures because I couldn't resist showing how much fun they 'can' be.

These pictures were to show how long Kaitlyn's hair is getting on the top back of her head and the bottem back of her head. No idea why those two places have long hair... and why it is just  thin little strand. But I had to take pictures to show you. And yes... you gotta look real close... maybe enlarge the picture... it is hard to see.:)

I guess if all else fails... we could always mohawk her hair;)

Once it dries.... it goes back to hardly able to tell she has any. I have high hopes that one day I will get to do fun things with her hair. I just hope it's before she is 5.

She really is so much fun and a joy. She is the center of attention here...even with 3 brothers. We all love her!