Friday, May 30, 2008

Hair cuts

I did hair cuts for the kids today, although they were really just trims on the back.

Jordan was being a nut today, and did not want to just smile for the camera.
And here are the kids all clean for once. But it only lasted long enough for the picture. They came outside with Scott and I to trim bushes tonight and got quite dirty. Oh well, it was fun!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gracie's new home

Since I have not posted any new pictures of Gracie in a long time, and I wanted to show how big she has gotten, I thought now would be a good time. We got her a new kennel yesterday so she can be upstairs again with us. She has been in the basement with an exersize pen, since we did our floors. When we can't watch her, she has to be confined since she is a little naughty.

She actually really likes this kennel, she automatically goes in when we bring her in the house. I think she likes how open it is compared to the other one, and she likes that Josh puts his hands in there for her to lick. Josh is completely in love with the dog. We have decided his first word is probably going to be dog. He says this gog sound everytime he sees her. It's cute to see.
And an update on Jordan real quick.... he is doing better. He had a rough night tuesday night with his head concussion, and had a bad headache lingering yesterday. He threw up again in the van when we went to Petsmart. But by about noon yesterday he perked up and seems to be fine today. That was a close call and I hope we NEVER have anything like that again. (knock on wood!) Oh the joys that kids bring us! :o)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And the Injuries continue

As if we haven't had enough injuries and trauma around here.....we added another tonight. I was at the store with Trevor and Jordan getting Josh's reflux meds tonight. Jordan wanted to ride in the back of the cart, and since we didn't have much to get, I let him, against my better judgement. He knows he has to sit if he is back there, and he was doing a good job. I was getting some milk and as I turned back, saw him stand up, and before I could say anything... out he went. He fell straight back on his head on the cement floor. It was not pretty. I was pretty much done with the stuff we needed, so I headed for the register then. He was whining... and kinda out of it. The back of his head was swollen and bruised. We checked out, and I got out of there. The whole time I was trying to hurry, he was pale and kept looking like he was going to fall asleep. It was very worrisome. We got home and I finally called my mom to see what she thought. I checked his pupils and stuff, but he was still acting so weird for him. Then as I was holding him a few minutes later, he threw up. I kept checking him again and he would still rouse a little when I tried and his pupils were still OK. So we'll see how the next few hours go. My mom said if he doesn't have any of the trauma head injury signs by midnight, we are probably OK.

So I took a few pictures of him after he fell asleep in his rocking chair. I'll keep ya updated on how he is doing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

And so the Summer begins!

This weekend has been bitter/sweet for me. It's the end of the school year, which means less chaos. But it also means the boys are home all day, everyday, together. That translates to many, many screaming/fighting fits. But since Trevor is actually home for the entire summer this year, I am starting a new summer routine. It will include some regular playdates, and a 'quiet time' every afternoon for Trevor and Jordan to work on the things they were doing at the end of the school year. I hope that the next couple weeks of transition will go as smoothly as possible.
We have some activities planned, such as the zoo, dinasoar park, aquatic park, air force museum, ect. So hopefully the summer will just fly on by. Josh will continue to have therapy weekly, so that will help us stay in some sort of routine.

And the boys both did very well in primary today! Trevor gave the prayer, which went very well. We had been practicing, but you never know how it will work out with him. I was very proud of him. Jordan gave his first talk. He did awesome. He spoke right into the microphone, with no hesitation, and was very clear. I was so excited that it turned out so well. Today was a stressful day for me. My class also had sharing time and it was my week to teach. So I had lot's of things going on today. It all went well and I am so glad it is over!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jordan's Preschool Program

Jordan had a preschool program tonight. He sang some songs and got his yearbook. He has been waiting for two weeks for this night. And he was such a little performer. Who knew??

This is Jordan and his best friend Roman waiting for the program to start. These two are so cute together!
They were singing a song about standing on one leg. Jordan has been practicing for a week so he could do it the best, he said. He did a really good job!

And here is Jordan and Roman. They love to play together and get along so well. Thank goodness for Lorina and I!!! Jordan has come out of his shell so much since starting preschool and having Roman as a friend. We love Roman to death!! They will get to play together alot this summer as well, which will make life easier!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A trip down Memory Lane....

This week has been one of those rare weeks for me. I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about when Josh was born, and how that has changed our family this past year. With him turning a year soon, I thought I would post some pictures of when he was born... maybe they are some pictures we have never shared with anyone.

This picture was the day after Josh was born. This was the first time we were able to offer Josh a bottle and the first time Scott held him. I was able to hold him late the night before... I was at the hospital anyway and the NICU is open to parents 24/7. He was 16 hours old before I was able to hold or really even touch him for the first time.

This picture was taken when Josh was 4 days old, and under the Bili lights for his jaundice. This is the point where we were only allowed to hold him twice a day... at 9am and 9pm.

This picture was taken hours after we finally were able to bring Josh home from the NICU. You can't tell, but he still had lights at this point... they were a blanket that was wrapped around him under those blankets. I was so glad we only had that for 3 days.

And my baby today!!!!!!!!!! Look how big!!!!!
Josh is doing great. We have had a rough week, which is why I think the trip down memory lane has been going on. Just an update on how things are going with him: he has been in therapy for 5 months now. And this past monday is the first time we have ever had a session go for almost 2 hours. Usually his therapists are here for 30-45 min and are gone. He has always had progress since his previous visit with whichever therapist is here. So for the first time ever, we are backing off and back to square one. His therapist tried him with chunks in food, a Gerber Stage 3 food with tender carrots and stuff to chew. He did not do well at all. He gagged several times, and then actually choked on it. It came out his nose and everything. He was so upset after, and I was worried as you can imagine. So his therapist said that he is still going to have to be on a strickly puree diet, and we will work with tongue development. With his birthday in less than two weeks, I had obviously given up on cake, but was going to do some jello for him. But his therapist said that he isn't going to tolerate that either. So we are back to puree foods, with at least 3 bottles of formula a day. It is not what I was hoping for and seemed like a blow to how hard we have been working on this. It seems like more and more this poor child is not going to ever catch a break. It truly breaks my heart that as a mom, there isn't anything I can do. But we will keep chugging along. We have the best therapist ever, so at least I feel like we have a good game plan and we will get through this.
So that has been my week with Josh so far. He just has so many things to deal with, I still am amazed at how happy he is, and hope he continues to have that great attitude. He'll need it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Trevor's School Program

Can you believe I have been able to do two posts today??

Here is Trevor today at his end of the year program for school. He had been talking about this all month, but was disappointed to find out Scott had to work and couldn't come.

I don't think he was happy about the whole butterfly on his head, but I was surprised he cooperated! It's kinda cute.... don't ya think?
This isn't a great pictures, but I had to videotape it the pictures were done in a huge hurry!

This is Trevor's bus driver Tad, and the aid Jan. He would not have ever ridden the bus if not for Tad. We get a daily report of the fun things Tad and Jan do with Trevor and sometimes it feels like they are part of our family as well! LOL! They even know Jordan by name and leave him treats on all the holidays too. So of course we had to have a picture with the famous Tad and Jan.
The program went well and he did very good. He was pretty shell-shocked at first, but was attempting to sing by the end. It was so cute and lot's of fun! I was very impressed with how well he handled it. He has had a rough night since then, but you win some, you lose some.

Poor Josh!!!

I was going to post an update on Josh but hadn't had time....and then THIS happened!!!

Our poor boy had his toe broken! Doesn't it make you sad????

Wednesday afternoon Scott was getting Josh out of our van and accidentally somehow, Josh got his foot slammed in the drivers side door. He cried for hours and would scream when his foot moved or anything touched it. Since I had an appt thursday morning already, we waited to have it looked at. His Doctor looked at it and is pretty sure it is broken, but wanted to save us money and not do an x-ray since you would treat it the same... if it is broken or tissue damage. So, his whole foot is splinted and he seems to be doing better with it... he doesn't cry all the time and can crawl again. So that was our newest drama of the week.
So Josh had a checkup appt to make some changes in his ever-growing list of meds/therapy/food schedules. He started a reflux med two weeks but it isn't making enough of a difference, so we added a second med. He started on some meds for his constipation... Milk of Magnesia, and a double dose at that. So he is now on four meds daily, and I am hoping it is not for long. We are changing to a different formula again to see if we can help his problems too. His Ped. said next month when he comes in for his 12 month appt, if we have not made significant progress with all is down to Primary Children's Medical Center to see a specialist. So pray for us! We don't want to have to drag him to another doctor. The poor boy can't catch a break.
So this is our newest update. I changed bottles again too, so we'll see if that helps with his reflux as well. I will keep you updated on our progress... and let's hope it is positive progress!!!