Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Few little changes......

Well I knew my nursery days were numbered, so I wasn't surprised to get that phone call last saturday to meet with the bishopric. I was surprised to be put in primary though. I had talked to them about not doing that, since I am trying to make a break from Jordan at church. But at least I am not over his class. I am team-teaching the 5,6, 7 year olds. Their is only 5 kids in all three classes, Trevor being one of them, so they combine. I have decided after finding out that is where I am going, that I am going to take Trevor with me, instead of leaving him in with the younger class. We'll see how he does. Jordan is in for a rude awakening to find out I am no longer going to be with him. I am so excited to have something different to do.

As far as Thanksgiving goes, we had a good time. We had a dinner with Scott's side of the family the weekend before, so we were able to do both sides of the family this year. It was really nice to spend time with our families' and enjoy the holiday. We are now gearing up for Christmas. It will be very interesting this year. Trevor always gets very overwhelmed and is hard to settle him down. Jordan is just a whinier child, so he makes life hectic as well. And this year adding Josh to the mix could just make it seem chaotic. I am looking forward to it anyway though.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So I thought today I would see what updated pictures I could post of the kids. I don't have the greatest shots, but they will work. I just got some pictures from my dad, so I had a few to use.

Just an update on the kids....

Trevor is doing great in kindergarton. He is learning all sorts of new things and has been surprising us with how much he likes school. He has a very small class, just 9 kids, so he gets alot of one on one help. We have several goals we are working towards with him right now.

Jordan is doing well too. We finally started him in preschool this last week. It was hard finding one that was close and reasonable priced. He absolutely loves that he gets to go to school now too. Although I think I was more excited than him for it!

Josh is growing like a weed! I took him into the Dr last week and he was already up to 16 pounds! He is also 27 inches tall already. I think he may be our tallest child. We switched his formula again to a Lactose-Free one and for the first time since he has been born, I think we finally solved the problem with eating, tummyaches, ect. He is a mini Trevor and we can't tell the difference between thier baby pictures. He is one solid kid! He is a very happy baby and is 100% a daddy's boy. Scott finally got his wish. He may have a duck hunting buddy after all!

Scott and I are just busy with the family, keeping up with life and all that fun stuff. It's hard to believe we have a kindergartoner and a preschooler now. Time sure flies.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I just thought I would post pictures from Halloween since I never sent them out. Trevor was a cowboy, although you would never know it in these pictures. Jordan was Tigger, as you can tell. And Josh was a penguin.

The only pictures I have are with their cousins from both sides. The first pictures is with Scott's mom and Jarron and Aliyah, my neice and nephew. The other picture is with my side of the family, that includes Kyrie and Parker.

Halloween was fun, busy and came and went really fast.

Just getting started at blogging...

I have needed to find a way to keep everyone updated with our family. And my friend Alison, who I never get to talk to anymore, called and suggested a blog. I gotta say.. it is a great idea. I just wish I had thought of it before now.

So I am going to get going on this and keep it updated with pictures of the kids, and how we are doing. Keep checking back to see the latest!