Sunday, May 30, 2010

The start of the birthday celebrations!

I can't believe my little boy is turing 3 on tuesday!!!! We have kinda split up the celebrations a little and started it off tonight.

Josh's G-tube can pose some hard situations at times. I wanted to make a Josh-Friendly cake of some sort and let him go at it. I had to do this at our house since a bath would have to follow. And with a bath means new dressing change and everything. So tonight we had a small get together and Josh got to eat his cake. Enjoy the video's!

Also, just a side note. I have some news about Josh that I will be doing a seperate post on this coming week. Just so you know his genetic testing came back and he had been diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome. It is a chromosome disorder. The 15th chromosome to be exact. I will do a post to let you know all the details. It was just nice to finally get the results back.

Thanks for watching our fun video's!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Baby and Baseball

When I found out I was pregnant I was worried about some regression in my house. THIS is not the child I had in mind though.

Scott took this picture a couple days ago of Jordan. Nice, huh?

And here is a clip from Trevor's baseball game tonight. He did awesome and got a hit and a run each time he went up to bat. Go Trevor!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I think it is ok to say I have been very MIA lately. But.... I have lot's of reasons, does that count?

First of all... this month has been CRAZY!!!! Between the end of the school year, baseball/T-ball 5 nights a week, cub scouts, therapy and being pregnant... there is not enough time in the day.

So here is a summary of how everyone is doing.

Trevor is doing awesome with baseball! He loves it and really seems to have a knack for it. He is very glad to have school over with and I hope we have a good summer. He started some new meds two weeks ago, but so far I have not been impressed with what is going on. We have a follow up appointment with the psychologist in June.

Jordan is doing great too. He is so excited to be done with Kindergarten and get to move on to 1st grade. Both Trevor and Jordan are going to be attending a new charter school in Riverdale called Good Foundations Academy. I am excited to see what new opportunities will arise out of this. Jordan is also loving T-ball. His friend Roman is also on his team and he loves that. I just signed him up for AYSO soccer this fall/spring and he should also be on Roman's team. I think he is so cute about getting excited over the simple things. He is so fun.

Josh is doing very well right now. He has been healthy for the last 2 weeks and full of energy. I can tell he is doing so well health wise by his energy level. We have already started the weaning process of the night time feedings. So far so good. I have a good plan in place to re-introduce him to a balanced diet to see what we can do about weaning off his tube feedings by the time the baby comes. (I have high hopes). Josh's birthday is a week from today and he will turn 3. Can you believe it? He will graduate from Early Intervention on his birthday. I have been busy doing meetings for him to get preschool set up for fall. I can't believe it has already come to preschool time. He is getting so big!

The pregnancy is going as good as it can be. I have been pretty sick this time around and very tired still. I do think the thyroid meds have kicked in and helped me feel somewhat better. I just think how I am feeling now is just what is going to be the normal for me this pregnancy. I have been given all sorts of restrictions already and it's put a damper on my summer plans. No hiking, camping, ect. I also can't go to the zoo or anything like that. I will hit the time that my contractions started with Josh in July... so we are really hoping to avoid that. I have been very good this time about taking it easy and not over doing it. Of course Scott has been amazing at picking up the slack for me. I just hope it doesn't come to full bed rest again. We'll see.

So that is how I have been doing. I have been able to do the things I have to do to function, but things like my blog have taken a backseat lately. I hope to snap somewhat out of this soon. I have another OB appointment on June 3rd. I'll post more news when I know it. Thanks!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mr. Tummy

A few weeks ago Jordan came up with something called "Mr. Tummy". It was sooo funny the first time and continues to make Scott and I laugh every single time we see it. I don't know where this kid gets his imagination, but it's sure a wild one!

(Sorry it is sideways... this is the first time I have been able to get a video to work on my blog. Thanks Chan for the tips!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jordan's T-Ball Game

Jordan has his first T-ball game tonight. It went very well and was quite entertaining. His team is the Orioles. He was so excited to play finally (since tuesdays game was cancelled) and had a blast.

Here is his first time at bat. He did awesome each time.

This is him being the catcher. His coach is going to move the kids around each innings to let them play all positions.

Go Jordan!!!
Sorry about the crappy pictures... I was shooting into the sun. This is him at the pitcher position.

And finally..... another picture of Josh. He was happier tonight, but for some reason I could not get a good picture. It was the sunlight I think. It makes me laugh that he wants his picture taken.

So far things are going great with the new sport/season. I will update periodically, but we have a ton of games. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trevor's First Baseball Game

Trevor had his first baseball game tonight. I am so proud of him! He did great and even got a hit. Since they have not had a team practice yet... I am so happy he did as well as he did. But then... he has to have some talent.... look at his dad!

He played three innings and seemed to really enjoy it. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

He was the catcher one inning. He looked so cute all decked out in the uniform. Love it!

He also played 3rd base.

And here is Josh... who wanted a picture. He was not too happy about the game for some reason. He usually likes to watch the kids. I hope he is not coming down with something since he whined the whole day today. LOL!

Tomorrow is Jordan's first T-ball game. I will post pictures of that funny adventure tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Miracle!!!

We had a miracle here this morning. Trevor wore a dress shirt and tie!!!!

For years we have fought Trevor over church clothes. He hates them. So much so that he literally strips his clothes off as we walk in the door every week from church. He hates the feel of them and the textures. I never thought we would get him in a dress shirt and tie for a few years yet. But he got a couple CTR tie-tacs for his baptism and decided to give it a try. I am soooo proud of him and that he was willing to try something new. Go Trevor!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

An overdue update

I have had one of the most out of control, busy, chaotic last 10 days! So the blog has been neglected because by night I am too tired to do anything.

So here is what is going on.......

Trevor had his baptism last weekend. It went very well. I will post more pictures when I have them. He is continuing weekly therapy and seems to really like his therapist. (YES!) He finished soccer this past week and did pretty good. I am not sure if we will have him play again. His first baseball practice is tomorrow night and games start on monday. Cub Scouts is going well too and he really enjoys the den meetings.

Jordan is doing good too. He had his 6yr check up last week. He is 36 lb. (5%) and 43 inches tall (25%). He was also officially diagnosed with Asthma. He did the breathing tests and everything. So he has joined Trevor with daily breathing treatments, inhalers and Singulair. Fun times. LOL! He also had his last soccer game last night. It was a great game and his team did so awesome. Jordan scored two goals last night. He has scored a goal in almost every game. He really loved soccer and probably will play again. He also starts T-ball next week. He did his Kindergarten Program yesterday and had a blast. He is doing very well.

Josh is doing good too. I took him down to Primary Children's Medical Center for a GI appointment yesterday morning. He is on the chart people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time since having his feeding tube placed 14 months ago he is on the chart for height and weight!!!!!!! Ideal is to be between 90-100% and he is 92%! He has been around the 80-85% forever!!! His BMI is 5% so he still needs to get up to about 7, but hey.... we are on the chart!!!!!! He is going to continue with thickened only liquids and an up in some med doses. And the other exciting thing is that we are going to start weening him off nighttime feedings. The goal is to get him off them by the end of the summer. We will probably do daytime for several months. But if he starts losing weight, we will be back to night feedings. But it was so exciting to hear how well he is doing. We rarely get that good of an appointment with Josh. Also he is getting a new G-tube button. Right now he has something called a MIC-KEY Mini button. I will change that out in a couple days with just a MIC-KEY button. He has another staff infection in his G-tube site so we are going to try a bit bigger of a tube. Other than that things are great!

I am doing alright as well. I wish I wasn't as sick as I have been the last couple days. I had my first OB appointment today. My due date is around mid december, but she'll give me a more firm one next appointment. The baby looks fine (as much as you can see a tiny peanut) and everything is well. I will be having a C-section this time around. My OB said she would STRONGLY discourage a vaginal birth this time around. Good thing I had already figured that and didn't want to do that again. With my history... and the fact that I really want a healthy baby this time around, she is placing some restrictions already. No lifting over 20 lb (mmm Josh is 28), I can do light walking, but no running, hiking ect. No overdoing it and I need to try to take it easy all the time. With Josh I started with contractions at 18 weeks. So let's hope this time around goes much better.

So that is how things are going. It has been soooo busy the last few days around here. I should get back to my normal blogging next week. Wish me luck on that! LOL!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trevor's Baptism

Trevor's Baptism was today! It was a great day and I am so glad it went smoothly. You never know with him. The only thing he was difficult about was after it was over and we came to our house for a family dinner. He didn't want pictures taken and we just let him go. Other than that... it went beautifully!

I am so proud of him and that he made this important decision. This was a great day that I hope he remembers.

These are the only pictures I have. My dad took a bunch of pictures for me and when I get them I will download more.