Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not dodging the bullet this time either....

I found out this week that my Gestational Diabetes is back. I knew it would, but part of me still was hoping I could dodge the bullet. I did the 3 hour Glucose test this past wednesday and got the results on thursday. I have my monitor now and am checking it at home. My OB has been out of town, so now that she will be back this week, I will get an appointment with an Endocrinologist. I am sure it will be Insulin again this time. Especially since I have been already watching my carbs and being careful and am only 18 weeks. I still have awhile to go. Let the good times begin!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet my new neices!!

I finally was able to meet my new nieces this past tuesday. Scott went to the hospital to see them, but since kids aren't allowed, I waited until they were home and settled in. They are soooo tiny and absolutely adorable!!

This is Andie Rae...she is the smaller one... weighed in at 5lb.

This is Cambrie Ann.... she was 6lbs.

And look at Scott hold two girls at once!!! I think he is really going to like having a girl this time around. I love it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeding Clinic

Yesterday was Josh's appointment down at Primary Children's with Dysphasia (Feeding) Clinic. For once it was an awesome appointment with no huge surprises, bad news or frustrating conversations. Go Josh!!!!
Josh is now in the 27% for weight and 29% for height. Perfect. Absolutely Perfect! But I did know that Josh was doing really well. He is happy, full of energy and has actually been well and not sick all the time. It is such a relief to hear that.
So since he is doing so well, now is the time for some big feeding changes. I am quite apprehensive about it, but know it will be good. I just hate to rock the boat when things are going so well. But it's time... I know. He had some med increases with his weight gain and that was really the only other thing we are doing. We are going to try to change him over to this drink called Splash that can replace his formula. It's different from anything we have ever tried before, it's fruit flavored (they have tropical, orange pineapple, grape) and it comes in a juice box. So far he has seemed to like it OK. Here's to hoping!!! He will go off continuous feeds (can I get a wahoo???) and do 5 bolus feeds a day. We will start with food first and what he doesn't eat will but put through his G-tube over a short amount of time.
I feel really good about all the changes and I am so incredibly happy to be in a place with him that we can make some major changes. It's just hard to think about what can happen if we push too hard or things go south. I just hope it will all work out well. But we have one amazing little boy, so that helps a great deal.
And on another side note, my sister-in-law had her twin girls yesterday!! Andie was 5lb 1 oz and Cambrie was 6 lbs. We are so happy for their expanding family!! Such beautiful girls too!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hospital Nightmare

We had quite the adventure on thursday. I took Josh down to Primary Children's to have a small problem with a front tooth fixed and a teeth cleaning. He did not cooperate at all when I took him in for his first visit. With his history the dentist did not feel comfortable doing IV sedation in the office and instead had us go to Primary's for it. He goes down there once a month to do things like this.

So it was supposed to be really routine, right? Oh no.... that just could not happen. We arrived around 9:45am and left the hospital around 8pm. Crazy. Insane. Never want to do that again.

So the reason for the long day? Josh had a reaction to the anesthesia this time. Most likely the Versed he was given. For those of you who don't know, alot of time they will give these kids a medicine called Versed to calm them down. It basically makes them lethargic and so they won't remember what happens. I have always declined it since Josh usually does well. For some reason thursday was a different story. He was really upset, would scream when the nurse would touch him, wouldn't get off my lap to play ect. So the anesthesiologist suggested some Versed. I agreed thinking it would be a good idea. Boy was I wrong! They gave it to him a little too early (it is supposed to be given 20 min before they go back to the OR) and about 10 min later, Josh was acting really funny. He seemed to be breathing harder than he should and was very out of it.. head rolling around ect. So I grabbed a nurse and they realized he had the medicine 23 min before. They brought out some monitors in the waiting room and hooked him up. His oxygen levels kept dropping to around 84% and the alarm kept going off. It was lovely. They took him back less than 10 min later. I went to the surgery waiting room. The procedure was scheduled to take an hour and a half. Thankfully I ran down to the cafeteria and got a snack. About an hour and a half later, the dentist came out to tell me that he was done and everything was fine, although more involved than he thought. No big deal. He told me that someone should be calling me within 15 min to go back to recovery with him. About 25 min later, I was starting to get this feeling that something was going on. A couple seconds later the receptionist called me to the desk to take a phone call. It was Josh's nurse from recovery. He was not waking up still and they were having to do some extra oxygen and stuff to keep him more stable. He told me he would call me again in 15 min with an update. This went on for an hour. Everytime they would say he was just having a hard time waking up and needed some supplemental oxygen. Finally they told me he was waking up and I could come back. When I went back to see him, I could hear him screaming before I even hit the recovery. Poor kid. He was out. of. control. there is not other way to put that. He was supposed to be keeping an O2 mask on, but was ripping it off faster than I could keep it on him. They moved him over to post-op and could hold him then. He calmed some and then suddenly just went back to sleep. His sats were dropping on and off down to the mid 70's. He would bounce back up pretty fast, but that is very unlike Josh. So anyway, we dealt with that for a few hours, as well as him throwing up. He was given Phenegren and Zofran to help with it, but he still threw up. A different doctor came and told me that they might need to admit him. I was a little freaked out. But then he said if he could maintain his sats above 90 with no help, for two hours we can go home. Thankfully from about 6-8pm Josh was a very good boy and we were finally released then.

It was the longest day ever. Scary and not fun. I don't ever want to do that again. The anesthesiologist is pretty sure it was the Versed that caused the problems since it was the only thing he had never had before. So needless to say we won't be doing that again. The end.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Bump Update

I had another OB appt today. I was desperate to find out if we are having a boy or girl since I have to buy everything this time around. Dr. Julia is pretty sure (but will confirm 100% on July 29th) that




How exciting is that??

Things look good, the baby is looking right on for 15 weeks and my blood clot is stable. I had to go have that looked at too. I do have a lot of pooling of blood going on in both legs now, which is another grand pregnancy complication that will just cause pain. The only solution is delivery. What fun I will have this pregnancy.

I will update obviously after my next appt, but until then.... we are really happy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July!!!

**Don't forget to pause the music to view the videos**

Since yesterday was the 4th of July celebrations here in Utah, and we can't attend large firework shows... we did our own small one this year. We only did Sparklers with Josh since he does not like any fireworks at all. I was not sure how he would do and I wasn't really keen on the idea of him holding his own sparkler. But Scott was insistent he needed to do 'normal' things... so he let him. He was in heaven!!! He loved it. He did get two burns on his fingers, but he didn't care! Here are some pictures and video of our night.

This sad face is what happened when we were all done. He was not happy about that!!! So funny!

Enjoy the videos!!