Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I read Ann's blog and saw I was tagged. I thought this could be fun.

Tell 6 UNSPECTACULAR quirks or facts about yourself, then tag 6 people.

1. I like to read at night to wind down. I can't seem to fall asleep unless I have read for at least a few minutes and got lost in a book to forget about the day.

2. I can't go to sleep anymore if the clutter isn't put away and dishes done. I know it makes me sound like a neat freak, but it's really because I don't have time in the morning to get the night before's messes cleaned up. So I don't go to sleep until it is done.

3. I am addicted to bloggin! I love to see all my friends and families' blogs to see what is going on in their lives.

4. I have become a schedule freak. I have to keep a routine because of Trevor anyway, but I have taken it to the next level. I hate the feeling of not remembering things and trying TO remember things I have going on. I have gotten my Yahoo! Calendar up and going so I can send emails to Scott to let him know everything that is going on.

5. I like having a dog more than I thought I would. Rosco is a sweet little dog that is fun to train. I did the whole dog thing more for the kids, but have found I enjoy it as much as them. That's good cuz it is alot of work!

6. I don't really like the fact that we don't get to see family as much as I like. I have alot of family out of the state, but even those that live here, we don't get to see. I always said that we would never get so busy we didn't have alot of time to go visiting, but school and therapy is alot more time consuming than I ever imagined.

Now I tag..... Chantel, Tanya, Amy, Brittany, Alison and Desiree!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosco's First Groom!!

Today Rosco had his first grooming appointment! Since I have had a few people asking us about our puppy, I thought that I would post this... I will also post a before picture that was on my blog a month ago, but showed how furry he was.

He did great.. they said he was a very sweet puppy. We have had 3 of our 8 puppy training classes and they are already paying off big time! Well worth the money, effort and time.

Enjoy our puppy pictures!!
This is a before pictures of Rosco last month... but his hair was a bit longer today.

At least they don't put bows in his hair! The halloween bandana is cute!

Isn't he cute??? He is so much smaller now without all his hair!!!

Sorry it's not such a great shot... it's hard to photograph a dog!

I just wanted to show how big (or small!) Rosco is. This is a kids book he is sitting by.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I just had to share this laugh......

OK, I could not resist sharing this story with you. Scott may not agree with how funny it was... but trust me.... it is FUNNY!!

I had a really bad night last night. Either Jordan or Josh was awake from midnight to 6am. So I don't think I need to explain how tired I was when the alarm went off at 7 to get Trevor up and on the bus. Jordan was asleep in the recliner in our living room and even with the lights on, Rosco barking, ect.. didn't even stir. So after Trevor left at 725... I thought I might as well go back to bed for 45 minutes or so.

Now, on Friday mornings Scott works at 10 now, so we have an agreement that he will take Jordan to preschool on his way to work. It works beautifully. I had a LOT of errands/shopping to do while Jordan was at school today so I needed to leave at 9am as well. But I was so tired I thought I would just sleep for 45 minutes and rush out the door. Scott woke me up at 820 and told me that Jordan was crying and falling back asleep and wasn't cooperating. He had no idea Jordan was up for four hours last night. So I told him I would help him in a second. I fell back asleep accidentally (wonder why??) and next thing I know it is 915 and I can hear Josh talking in the baby moniter. So I assume since Scott never said anything else to me he had given up on Jordan. I went to check on him and notice his jammies on the floor and an empty house. So I am thinking... Wow! Scott got him to school....and now I have to hurry to get my errand done before 11:30 when school ends. So I rush around, get out the door, do some of my errands and then arrive right on time to pick up Jordan. He is playing outside when I get there. As I am walking up I notice something doesn't look right about what he is wearing. But he ran behind a slide so I didn't have a good look yet. I talk to his teacher for a second and started thinking... ummm that wasn't what we got him out for school last night. (we have an organizer he puts his clothes into the night before). So he finally runs up to me and I get a good look at his attire. I start laughing really hard. He is wearing JOSH'S jeans!!!!! Josh wore jeans yesterday and they had been on the floor last night because I remember thinking I needed to pick them up last night. Can you believe it???!!!!! They are 12-18 mos size! The sad thing was that they fit enough to stay up! So I called Scott laughing really hard and asked him if had any idea what Jordan was wearing. He said he thought they looked funny, but they seemed to fit so he didn't worry.

So I am attaching a picture I took of Jordan when we got home before he changed so I could let everyone else get a good laugh too!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Any advice???

Jordan has started to ask a lot of questions (as if you don't know already!). The last week or so though, they have taken an interesting turn. I have been wondering how to answer these and thought that maybe I could get some advice from anyone who reads our blog.

Jordan has been discovering that there is something different about his brothers and wants to know what and why. He knows now that Josh takes up a lot of my time, but he is finally figuring out that most kids Josh's age don't do the stuff he does. So he has been asking if Josh is sick, or if why he can't walk or eat himself. His little friend Roman has a sister Josh's age that does all that and he just figured it out. So I have been trying to explain to a four year old about developmental delays and why he needs so much help. It's been hard trying to find a way to explain to him what is wrong. Especially when we don't really know ourselves. I can just say he has problems and we are waiting to get into some special doctors that can help him get better. So if you have any advice on how to possibly relate to a 4 year old, or just have an idea... please tell me!

Then if that is not hard enough, he has really started to ask questions about Trevor. He knows that Trevor has Autism, but has no idea what it is or anything. We told him that Trevor doesn't think like us and that is why he acts the way he does. He hasn't asked too many questions, but yesterday when Trevor was being really mean he told me, "Trevor has autism (in his funny way of saying it) and that is why he is mean and isnt' part of our family". So obviously something has been lost in the translation somewhere and we need to talk about it some more. So any advice?? I was thinking about how Jordan probably sees through his eyes what Trevor does, and he probably does think of him as just mean and bossy. I don't know how to talk to him in a way he will understand... apparently. Because we have never said he is not part of our family. I don't know how he came to that conclusion, but he did and we need to talk about it. So if you have any ideas, or anything please let us know! I know that it's not something everyone deals with, but what would you do if you had that problem??

And I am also attaching a couple pictures of Josh I took today. He was sick the last couple days and his ears were bothering him a lot. We started him on some motrin and antibiotic drops for his ears and he is doing much better.So today is the first day he has been smiling and laughing.

And that is our family today. Keep the comment coming, we love to hear from everyone!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Trevor has become quite the little helper! He watched me help Josh get his walker going a couple days ago, and has since become the 'walking helper'. I can't complain because Trevor has more time than I do to help Josh around. It is so cute to me that he is so excited to help Josh walk and get used to the walker. It is amazing how well Josh works with Trevor too. Trevor is very patient with Josh and helps him stand up and shows him where to hold on. It's been awesome to see the two of them together. I took some pictures this morning to show everyone. I know that to some people it may not seem to be a big deal, but with Trevor it is. So here ya go!!! Enjoy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Some new changes for Josh

We have had some new changes for Josh this week. It's been a wild and crazy week here, and I finally am just getting some new posts done.

Josh had all sorts of therapy going on this week, 4 out of the 5 week days he was booked. Sad for such a little guy, huh? His physical therapist (Lisa) came first this week on monday morning. She was a little surprised that Josh was not walking all over. He is not afraid to walk and loves to walk anytime someone will help him along. He just has some balance issues. She told me that he is very text-book typical for a child with neurological problems, and if that is the case it would explain why he can't seem to get his balance. I told her his Pediatrician is more concerned now that there is something going on, and we are going to pursue it after next month's appt with the GI doctor. So she told me he is probably going to need some help with walking for now and wanted to start him on a reversible walker. So she actually came back again today and brought it for him to use. He seems to like walking all over the place and caught on the the concept pretty fast. So we hope that we can get the walking sooner now.

We also met the Speech Therapist, Jill, who will be coming to work with Josh on his language skills. We know his speech is going to be delayed since his oral-motor skills are very behind. But he is also not understanding what we say as well. So she will work on the sign language with him and see what we can do in that area.

He also saw Lynda, his occupation therapist, twice this week (once for his home visit and once for his tuesday group therapy) and he did very well this week. So it was exciting to have some positive things going on!

It's so much for a little boy to do! We hope he does well and things don't get to complicated for him. He is such a trooper and we can't ask for more! We love him so much and are so grateful to have him in our family despite the challenges we have gone through. He is a special boy!

Preschool Begins!

Preschool started this week. I haven't had a lot of time to get this post on here, but finally I did it.

Jordan is in the "Little Preschool on the Corner" again with Miss Melodee. He has gone three times now and loves it. It has sure been nice to have him in school so I can run all my errands! It's been an adjustment for us all, but it will be a good year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Wild and Crazy Vacation!

We had a wild and crazy week! It was a fast trip with lot's to do. We survived and here are some pictures of our one and only vacation this year.

This is Trevor and Jordan at Yellowstone at the Paint Pots. It was soooo cold the day we went to Yellowstone... the temperature was in the 40's with rain.

This is another picture at the Paint Pots. It was hard to get a picture with Josh since he was in the stroller alot of the time.
This is Trevor and Jordan waiting for Old Faithful to go off. It was very cold and windy when we got there. We waited about 20 min. for it to go off, and right before it did, the wind shifted and we got blasted by Old Faithful. It wasn't the best water to be sprayed with since it is sulfer, but I thought it was cool even though we got hit so hard with water we didnt' really see the Geyser itself. The boys said for hours after that they don't want to go back there since the water got them soaking wet and they didn't like that.

The boys and I at the sign for Old Faithful. Trevor is not happy since he was very wet now.

This is Scott and the boys at the Upper Falls in Yellowstone. I didn't actually get to go down to this since Josh was fussy and I had gotten car sick before we got here. So I stayed in the van with Josh. It sure is beautiful though!!

This is Mesa Falls. It is a about 40 minutes out of Island Park, Idaho. We went there last time, but in the late afternoon. It was so gorgeous first thing in the morning! The kids loved the big waterfall, and of course Jordan had a million questions about it.

I had to get a picture of Josh too... since he wasn't in alot of pictures. He was happy as can be on Scott's shoulders here.

This is Jordan at a Snow Pole at Mesa Falls. He was so proud of himself. He is much bigger than he was last time (he was 2).

You can tell in this picture that Josh was getting so silly and tired from being in the carseat for days on end. He figured out how to pull his headrest of his carseat down over his head and was laughing so hard over this. We have never seen him act like that and it was priceless!

Poor Josh was so sleepy! He didn't sleep well on the trip and while we were trying to get packed up and clean the cabin on saturday morning, I handed him to my dad to hold. Next thing I knew.. he was asleep. Josh doesn't ever fall asleep in our arms so it was so cute! He really loves his grandpa!!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and so good to get away. We need to go back and spend more time there! Today we are recovering from all the driving and gearing up for our big week. Jordan starts preschool tomorrow, Rosco starts puppy training this week, and Josh is starting Speech Therapy this week as well. It will keep us on our toes!