Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Single Mom?

As most of you already know I have been a single mommy these past couple days. Scott left on wed. morning to take Trevor and Jordan on the annual Father and Sons camping trip with his family. I have been on my own with just Josh for 3 full days and part of today as well.

I didn't have any expectations really, other than enjoying the fact that I didn't have to cook while they were gone, and it would be quieter. And it has been pure bliss to not have to cook anything, and the quiet has been just what I needed. Josh is not really a noisy child, so it truly has been quiet here.

Now... the things I didn't expect. Josh is alot of work! I think I have been so busy this summer just doing all sorts of things and going a million miles a minute, I didn't really think about what I was doing for whom, when. You know how it goes. I FELT like I was doing alot for Trevor and Jordan, but I guess they really are pretty self sufficient. Josh is not. And I tended my nephew Parker for a few hours on thursday. He is almost 5 months older than Josh. He was so easy! He played with toys the whole time, I didn't have to keep a CONSTANT eye on him like I have to with Josh. He sits and eats his own food, so other than making sure he is fine, I just had to put it on a plate and give it to him. It was a little bit of an eye opening experience for me. I know that Josh is an easy going kid and I love that. But he is alot of work and keeps me busy. I have been so much busier with little things than I thought I was going to be. I just thought it was interesting realization. I do miss Scott and that help he provides. I can't wait to see them this afternoon!


Jessica said...

It's funny how much work one child can be when everyone else is gone. I too have realized in my own situation how much my 3 year old helps me out...entertaining and all. I hope you and Josh have had some great bonding time. Before you know it your house will be filled up again with boys, enjoy it. I heard they grow up fast!

Tanya said...

You crack me up. It is true tho...the youngest seems to need a LOT of attention.
I'm glad you got a little break tho, even if all you did was learn this! LOL
Maybe it will help you appreciate the older boys more...?? LOL!

Lori said...

haha. i'm sure it was eye-opening. hope the rest of your singledom goes alright!!! :)