Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is the end in sight?

I was going to post an update yesterday and never found the time to get to it. So I finally have some time right now before Trevor gets home from school. Thank goodness!

Trevor is doing much better! He just has lingering asthma problems, but that is all! He saw his doctor again yesterday and we got a new prescription for an inhaler and he took it to school. He will be on preventative breathing treatments for the next several weeks, possibly until March. He was so happy to get back to school and I talked to his teacher an hour ago and he had a good day as well. Can't ask for anything more, huh?

Jordan is also better. He was so excited to go back to school today. This morning he told me he 'missed his girlfriends'. He is such a ladies man! He had a good day and was so happy to see he gets to go on a field trip this week.

Josh is slowly improving. I am not seeing any great improvement from him, but he is not getting worse. I took him to the doctor yesterday as well. We are going to be doing some breathing treatments to help him get rid of the gunk in his lungs/chest for the next week, and then he will also start a preventative breathing treatment plan. He also will be doing it all winter. His doctor is concerned if we don't keep an aggressive plan going, he could end up really sick. His lungs need a chance to heal. We decided yesterday to try one more day without any oral steroids. He had a very bad night in which I was concerned enough that I called back first thing this morning and when the doctor returned my call said he definitely needed to go ahead with the meds. I am just so tired of meds!!!!! But this one is only for 5 days. In other news, Josh has lost almost 2 pounds. We expect weight loss when kids are sick, but it makes me so nervous with Josh. So I am going to up his feeds a little and take him back in two weeks (if not before, LOL) to make sure he is starting to gain it back. I tell you this kid keeps us on our toes!!!

I am feeling much better, just a lingering cough and runny nose. Thank goodness I am on the tail end of this since Josh is not sleeping well and been stressing me a bit.

Thank you everyone for thinking of us! It is so nice to have so many people who care!! I want my mom and dad to know I appreciate all they did for us as well.. bringing me food, meds, whatever we needed. Thanks!!!!


Cate ;-) said...

Hello there... see you often on jessica's fb and on her bolg... now i have a blog too... hope your sons heal fast ;-) lots of thoughts!

Deb and Spence said...

So glad most of you feel better! I hope Josh gets feeling better and hopefully gains weight too!

Chantel and Brian said...

i hope that josh gets better quickly. We don't need him losing anymore weight. I'm glad your feeling better yourself! Well at least better than you were. Good luck with everything.

Amy said...

We do have great parents don't we! I am glad things are starting to look up in some areas. I am glad that you have good doctors that keep up with everything. I hope you are able to get the rest of the way better because being a sick mom is no fun. Good luck!

Tanya said...

I'm glad that things are improving! I hope Josh keeps getting better!!