Saturday, December 4, 2010

For those Near and Far

I have many family members that live outside of Utah. Especially my sister who lives in Philly right now while her husband is going to Med School. So I am basically emptying my camera of pictures so I can keep everyone updated.

Sorry for the quality of pictures. My camera is really crappy and I can't get great ones. But some are better than none.

I am pretty sure there is a baby in there, right??

Since very few people besides Scott and I have seen Kaitlyn with her eyes open, I took advantage last night with her wide awake to grab some shots. Once again... they aren't the best quality.

I love the yawn pictures. I think babies are so cute when they yawn.

The hospital binky that she won't part with... takes up most her face.

I have been told by a my sister and sister-in-law that the pictures I have posted so far don't do her justice for how small she really is. So this is my attempt at some comparison shots of her with a couple household items. Maybe you can get the idea. She was laying on her changing table. Which is a standard size changing table pad.

This is our remote with her. (Sorry I came up blank with some good items to have next to her... forgive me.)

This is a standard folder that you can buy at the store for like 50cents or so.

And finally.....
I think the wrong person was sleeping in these pictures.... LOL!!!!


Annie said...

She is adorable and wow she is really tiny. I think Alex was that small, so precious!

Tanya said...

wow! I was thinking that with teh swing pictures- holy COW she is TEEEENY! :) So cute! A couple of the sleeping shots look like Jordan to me. I adore sleeping with daddy pictures too! Love it!!

Sherri said...

Lots of sweet fun (and work, too). I agree with your sisters that she didn't look that small in the other posts. But so cute.

Chantel and Brian said...

It's so good to see her with her eyes open!! She is changing so much, and I even get to see her a couple times a week. What a darling, tiny, precious little baby girl. Good luck today on your own!

Jessica said...

Melissa, she is so cute and dainty. Im so glad you finally have a girl. I hope you are feeling better, I read your face book update. Thinking of you!!!

Brittany said...

She's so cute and little. Glad she's doing so well