Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life as it is now....

Just thought I would do an update on Kaitlyn and how the week is going. Or how I am surviving, might be more like it!

Kaitlyn has done pretty well. Just a few times of her sats dropping and having to turn her Oxygen up high. She recovered really well though. It's a balancing game that I hate. When she is awake she just really needs a wiff of O2 now. But when she sleeps she needs more. She will be awake in her bouncer one minute, and fall asleep and the alarm goes off the next. But I am getting better at keeping a constant eye on her monitor so I know when she is dipping and fix it before it goes too low. It is amazing the difference in her with the O2. She is MUCH more alert than she ever was, she stays awake for longer periods of time, and she sleeps 4 hour stretches at night. It's been wonderful.

On the other hand, since yesterday she seems to not be feeling well... or feeling worse than before. I don't know what it is. I am really glad she has a doctor appt with her Pediatrician tuesday morning. Hopefully her ears and lungs are clear now and it's nothing serious. She also has an appt tomorrow morning with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist to get her eyes checked out. I am kinda nervous about that appt. I would really like to hear there is nothing wrong and she just needs to get bigger. We'll see, I guess.

Now for Kaitlyn Survival 101 this week.
When she was in the NICU she got hooked on those Soothie binkeys. It took a month to get her to take something kind of simliar to it, but one she could keep in her mouth. While she was in the hospital last weekend we lost her binky and the only option we had was....yep you guessed it... the Soothie binkeys. She was in heaven. When we came home, she kept spitting her other one out and when I would give her the Soothie ones, she would be happy, but could not keep them in her mouth. I was at Babies R Us on wednesday and found these GumDrop Paci's made by the same company. I bought a package and the rest is history. If you can tell from the picture, they are curved and fit her face so she can keep them in. Awesome!!!

Now for the other change I made yesterday. When I found out I was pregnant, I needed lots of things, including bottles. My sister had these VentAire Bottles I had given her to try with my niece. When she offered them back I jumped on it since I wouldn't have to buy bottles. After having Kaitlyn home for 2 months.... I remember why I hate them so much. They come apart in 6 pieces. I have to take them completely apart to wash them and put them back together. It was so time consuming, especially when I had so much to do.

So when I went grocery shopping last night I bought the cheap Parents Choice bottles and let me tell you it was the best thing I did! No more taking bottles completely apart, washing them, putting them back together, worrying about the bottoms leaking. Pure Bliss I tell you! And since her reflux is so bad anyway..... having a bottle that vents is not making any difference except taking up too much time to clean.

The one thing I really do miss is my rocking chair. We had to have somewhere to put all Kaitlyn's Oxygen stuff and I wanted it to be somewhere that would reach from our living room and into our bedroom where she sleeps. It is getting so amazing how much medical equipment we have in our house now.

This is the Suction Machine we have to suck her nose out. Lately I am getting more formula out of her nose than snot. I am going to have a talk with her doctor on tuesday about what this means and where we go from here.

And last but not least..... this is what we woke up to this morning. Josh had stashed a marker in his room yesterday at some point and had some fun. Good times.

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Deb and Spence said...

Yay for more sleep! I agree on the bottles. I see all these people with expensive, fancy ones, but the cheap ones are much easier to clean. Plus, I now have the attitude, if they'll spit up then a fancy bottle will only help so much. :)