Saturday, December 17, 2011

An amazing Christmas Miracle!!!


I have been on such a roller coast of emotions this Christmas Season... one that has had me laughing one moment and crying another.

On tuesday of this week a true miracle happened. No.. it wasn't Scott's Birthday, although it was a nice birthday surprise from him. (love you, Sweetie).

My amazing friend Alison Duffy (she deserves so much for doing this...if you know her make sure to tell her how special she is!) decided that she was going to do some sort of a fundraiser to get Josh an iPad. She understands how much it could help him, and how much he has been through his entire life. So she was going to set up a website to have people donate money towards it. On tuesday morning she called a friend of hers to find out if she had an suggestions or could help her word things on the blog she was going to create. Her dear friend told her to wait a little bit, she was going to make some phone calls before Alison got going on this. In less than an hour she called Alison and told her she had an iPad for Josh. Alison was speechless and really shocked. She called me to tell me and I just kept saying..holy holy cow... wow..... pinch me please..I didn't even know what to say! What an amazing surprise. At first it was unclear how this came about, but now I have a name of an amazing couple whom I of course have never met, who bought this iPad for Josh.

This sweet couple have no idea how they have just changed a life. Already... 4 days later Josh is picking up on some of the apps we have gotten on there and I can't believe how good he is doing already. We are still in the process of getting a communication program up and running on there, but mostly it has been due to lack of time. I also have been trying to get other mom's of special needs kids to give advice on apps and ect. It is such a busy time of year that it's been hard to get with the people I need. But we have it up and going for him for some basic stuff and he LOVES it.

I am still in shock that someone who has never met me, my son or my family would give such an amazing gift. It truly is a Christmas Miracle!

Thank you Alison and our Donor! We love you!


Tanya said...

Such wonderful, amazing people out there. I am so glad you are so blessed! <3

Annie said...

What great news! I am so happy for him and you!

Deb said...

That's amazing! I'm so glad he'll be able to communicate and learn easier!

Katherine said...

That is amazing! I love hearing about the generosity and caring of people, especially this time of year.

Chantel and Brian said...

That really is super, super cool! There are some Christ like people out there! So glad you are already seeing improvement with Josh!

Lori said...

i'm so happy. i hope this helps josh!!