Thursday, January 26, 2012

I guess I can't wait........

I have been telling myself as soon as I get some pictures, I will update the blog. Guess what? I haven't been taking many pictures. If I do... then they are always on my phone. So as I am sitting here tonight, I figured... it really can't wait. So here is an update in the fastest way possible.

Trevor - has been struggling in school more, but has had some really good days too. It is so hard to gauge with him when a bad day is going to come. All in all though, he hasn't missed any school due to meltdowns or non-illness related issues since before Christmas. I am really proud of him. So what if he won't do his full 20 minutes of reading every night.. or finish his spelling..... or always do his speech exercises? He is going to school without crying. Baby steps I tell ya... baby steps.

Jordan- is his usual crazy and wild boy. He is very social as always and can tell you so much about every kid at school.. no lie. He has his swarm of girls who seem to all love him and thank goodness he doesn't seem to care much (yet anyway). He is doing well in school and is learning all kinds of things. It seems like every day he has some tidbit of information that astounds me he knows. What a smarty pants he is!

Josh- well......where do I begin? In case you haven't already heard, he was officially diagnosed with autism in December. Life is a struggle most days with him. Thank goodness for the iPad, because it sure saves me some days. I am still working on getting a communication program set up on it for him, but he works on letters, colors ect. daily on it. He hasn't been eating as well and so has been back to 2-3 cans of formula through his G-tube again. His tummy issues are still come and go. The most concerning thing right now is a spot on his head. He started forming a ridge along one of the suture lines about 3 months ago. His skull most likely fused too early, causing alot of his problems. So for a ridge to randomly start forming at 4 and a half is really disturbing. We have an appt on the 29th of February to see a Cranio Surgeon. We hope to find out what is going on.

Kaitlyn- wow... this girl is on the move! She began walking 3 weeks ago and hasn't looked back since! She wears her braces to keep her feet better positioned and her balance and walking is so much better with them on. She is quite bowlegged... so we have an appt next week with an Orthopedics doctor to see if we can get a handle on it now. It's still questionable if it is because of sensory issues, or something neurological. Her Physical Therapist pushed for us to get this done as soon as possible. But the greatest news?? She is off oxygen... and maybe just maybe it is for good!! Wahoo!!!!! Her Ped had an epiphany over christmas and wondered if she just doesnt' have some severe asthma. He thinks that maybe her sats would drop here and there because she wasn't breathing in deep enough because of asthma and instead of doing some meds for asthma...we just did more oxygen. She started on an oral med for asthma as well as a nebulizer treatment and so far so good!!! She is doing awesome! Since all 3 boys have varying degrees of asthma... I don't know why I didn't think of it. But oh well... the end result is not hauling an oxygen tank around everywhere and she is happier too.

So I guess that is about everything in a nutshell. I really shouldn't let this much time pass. I need to get all my christmas stuff downloaded so I can actually post about it. Sorry.... I have been busy!

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Tanya said...

ohhh yeay for asthma, LOL! That's great that Trevor is doing better about school itself! I agree, take the baby steps! :) So sorry to hear about Josh's head...