Monday, March 12, 2012

A Van, a birthday and a Ah-ha moment

I feel really MIA lately. Part of that is due to being sick for almost a month. I am doing fine now and am back in the game.... FINALLY!

We have had lot's going on in our house. I am really busy. Let me explain.

First of all... I had to reschedule a bunch of appts down at Primary Children's for both Josh and Kaitlyn due to the fact that our van was not doing so well and we didn't trust it to drive that far. So I took a forced hiatus on appts and pretty much stayed home. It was nice:)

But now that is all over. A week and a half ago... we dropped the kids off at Scott's parents, and went and bought this!

It's a Dodge Grand Caravan. And I am LOVE with it. 

Last week was Jordan's 8th Birthday. He has been waiting for months to turn 8... since he will be able to be baptised and start cub scouts. Yay for him! Since we are having a combo birthday for both him and Trevor this next weekend, we just did a little family pizza party on his birthday and he was able to get his gifts from us.

He was excited. He got Lego Ninjago stuff. His

Now... let me tell you how busy I am. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Between now and the 30th of March I will be: going to Primary Children's every week (the 13th, 21st and 30th) and the 21st is two appts in one day for Josh. I have six therapy appts, 3 group therapy sessions, one psychologist appt, 3 pediatrician appts and one school meeting. Plus a birthday party for Trevor and Jordan and scouts and pack meeting. It is one of those hold-on-for-dear-life months I guess. Thank goodness for my supportive family to help out with some babysitting:)

So anyway, a couple weeks ago Josh had his appt with Dr. Morales about his head/skull. We were able to get a CT scan done without sedation (prayers were answered) and got some good news. His skull in that particular spot is stable. There is still a chance for it to fuse too soon, but for now it is OK. We did find out that Josh's brain is smaller than we originally thought. The Doctor seemed concerned about that so we are heading back to neurology next week. With Josh.. .it's always a win some/lost some situation.

The only other thing that we have changed is putting Josh back on his feeding pump 24/7. He had lost another pound and wasn't eating anything. I gave it a good 3 months before making this hard decision. We had to order him the next size up backpack for his pump since he has grown since he was 2:) It has been doing wonders for him. He is sleeping better and his behavior is slightly better. It was a hard decision to make since it is such a pain to have him on that 24/7. We had to get creative in keeping him out of trouble with it. Since he can turn his pump off, unhook it from the IV pole, take his g-tube button out... and the list goes on. So now we have his pump in his backpack even at night. We just thread the power cord in his backpack. I bought carabeeners to go though the pulls of the zippers so he can't unzip anything. We pin his footy jammies with a safety pin so he can't undo his jammies. It is ridiculous what we had to do. But it's working and all is well. I am so glad to see a happier Josh than we have seen in awhile. It makes me sad that we have to go back to the feeding pump 24/7, but we do what we need to do.

So now for my Ah-ha moment. As Kaitlyn is getting bigger she is getting into EVERYTHING. We are constantly trying to keep her out of Josh's medical supplies. I also have stuff in like 4 different places in our house. So I decided to bite the bullet and put some money into organization. I am quite happy with what I came up with. Kaitlyn can't get into anything and it's all in once place. WaHoo!!!!!


Tanya said...

I love when you have a chance to update! :) I'm glad you're finding solutions to things, that is always a good feeling!

Chantel and Brian said...

Way to go on the organization! It's hard having little ones around that are so mobile ( : I do like the van! It seemed very nice when I finally saw it! good luck with all your appt's, you go wonder women!

Amy said...

I am so glad you guys were finally able to get a new van! I am actually jealous. Clever way to keep the house organized and safe. Kaitlyn is at that age where baby proofing is in full swing. Good luck with all the appointments this month and keep me in the loop. Happy Birthday again Jordan. I still can't believe he is 8. Time flies.

Jared ~n~ Tasha said...

I bet Jordan and Nash are cut out of the same mold. Nash's favorite is ninjago... Good Luck with your busy month!