Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Sweet Girl

Because of how the last few weeks have been going (that is for the next post) I haven't been able to get a post on here about Kaitlyn. So this may be picture overload... but I wanted to get everything on here.

These two kids make me laugh. They don't "play" together much, it's more like Josh tolerating Kaitlyn being around. She loves him and follows him around all day long.

One day while Josh was at school and I was cleaning, I realized that Kaitlyn had been really quiet. Too quiet. So I started looking for her and found her in the corner of our kitchen with the iPad. She LOVES the iPad but doesn't get to play on it much. She was in heaven.

Just another phone picture I took one day. Love her half smile:)

I can't get this picture to delete off... so enjoy it a second time..... LOL

Scott helped my grandpa out a few saturdays ago and got his lawn mower all ready for the summer. He took Kaitlyn on her first ride. She must have liked it since she didn't cry. I think she was in shock over the whole thing.

I took this picture to show the Orthopaedics how her feet and legs are all the time. She is still struggling with sitting flat on her bottom and some balance issues. She had xrays done and thankfully does not have anything wrong as far as bone structure. It's all tone issues. Her physical therapist is coming up with some great ways to help build strength in her hips to solve the problem. But thankfully we are officially done with braces for her feet!!

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart? We love her!!!

I was shopping one night and Scott sent me this picture. She had gotten a hold of a Code Red Mt. Dew can. She loved it. LOL!

This about summed up how she was feeling a few weeks ago before we got her ear tubes in place. She had 10 ear infections from christmas to april 16th. So far so good on the ears now. She had her post-op appt this past friday and things look fantastic. I am just so glad!

Recently I took all 3 boys to the dentist for their 6month checkups. She did so good... sat in the stroller through the whole appt and only got the iPad the last 5 min. What a sweetie!

With her ongoing tone issues... she is struggling outside more that a normal kid her age with balance. That has meant a steady stream of bloody knees. But she keeps right on going.

This about sums up what she did when I finally got home from the hospital with Josh. Being away from mom for 5 days was really hard on her. She didn't leave my side for a few days.

I love this picture of her. It's amazing to see how far she has come. She has made leaps and bounds with her development the last couple months. It's been so fun to see her personality take shape more and to have her hitting some big milestones. She still has some ongoing issues due to her prematurity, but I 'think' she has a good chance of being 'caught up' by the time she turns 2. Here's to hoping anyway~


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Tanya said...

Oh she's adorable! Such a happy girl! :)
Her poor knees made mine ache tho! Ow! :(