Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Few little changes......

Well I knew my nursery days were numbered, so I wasn't surprised to get that phone call last saturday to meet with the bishopric. I was surprised to be put in primary though. I had talked to them about not doing that, since I am trying to make a break from Jordan at church. But at least I am not over his class. I am team-teaching the 5,6, 7 year olds. Their is only 5 kids in all three classes, Trevor being one of them, so they combine. I have decided after finding out that is where I am going, that I am going to take Trevor with me, instead of leaving him in with the younger class. We'll see how he does. Jordan is in for a rude awakening to find out I am no longer going to be with him. I am so excited to have something different to do.

As far as Thanksgiving goes, we had a good time. We had a dinner with Scott's side of the family the weekend before, so we were able to do both sides of the family this year. It was really nice to spend time with our families' and enjoy the holiday. We are now gearing up for Christmas. It will be very interesting this year. Trevor always gets very overwhelmed and is hard to settle him down. Jordan is just a whinier child, so he makes life hectic as well. And this year adding Josh to the mix could just make it seem chaotic. I am looking forward to it anyway though.

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Allie said...

at least that age group should be eaiser then nursery. Once Jordan sees you in primary I bet he will be coming back to your class (Hailey always tried to do that...) good luck!
Two thanksgivings...YUM!! Good luck with christmas. Did you put up your tree yet? How did it go?