Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So I thought today I would see what updated pictures I could post of the kids. I don't have the greatest shots, but they will work. I just got some pictures from my dad, so I had a few to use.

Just an update on the kids....

Trevor is doing great in kindergarton. He is learning all sorts of new things and has been surprising us with how much he likes school. He has a very small class, just 9 kids, so he gets alot of one on one help. We have several goals we are working towards with him right now.

Jordan is doing well too. We finally started him in preschool this last week. It was hard finding one that was close and reasonable priced. He absolutely loves that he gets to go to school now too. Although I think I was more excited than him for it!

Josh is growing like a weed! I took him into the Dr last week and he was already up to 16 pounds! He is also 27 inches tall already. I think he may be our tallest child. We switched his formula again to a Lactose-Free one and for the first time since he has been born, I think we finally solved the problem with eating, tummyaches, ect. He is a mini Trevor and we can't tell the difference between thier baby pictures. He is one solid kid! He is a very happy baby and is 100% a daddy's boy. Scott finally got his wish. He may have a duck hunting buddy after all!

Scott and I are just busy with the family, keeping up with life and all that fun stuff. It's hard to believe we have a kindergartoner and a preschooler now. Time sure flies.


Allie said...

I was thinking that Josh looked like Trevor. He sorta looks like Jordan too though. Lets be honest, your kids are cookie cut...they all look alike!!
Cute pictures! Im jelouse that Trevor is in pre-school...I cant wait for Kinley to get in!!

Allie said...

I meant that I was jelouse that Jordan is in pre-school...see, I get them all mixed up!

Mike and Brittany said...

You boys are cuties. Glad to see you're doing well

SARGENTS said...

You don't know me, and I foudn your blog through google. I was googling Ogden preschool and this came up. I am trying to find somewhere wonderful for my daughter to come to preschool while I take some classes at Weber State, but we live in Henefer, so I have no idea. I was wondering where you have found that you love? If you care to respond, my email is sargcity6@yahoo.com Thanks so much!