Thursday, December 13, 2007

Josh has his EI Evaluation

Josh has his Early Intervention (EI) evaluation today. It went very well. He was even tired and asleep when we got there, and still cooperated!

He did have some delays (big surprise) so we are going to start some physical therapy. He should only need it for a short time to help him 'catch up' to his age. They do take his corrected age of 5 months in consideration as well. So he is a month behind his corrected age, or 2 months behind his actual age. He was actually right on with 6 months as far as cognitive was concerned. We weren't worried about that, but given the history of Autism in our family it was a relief to see him doing so well.

When they do the eval, they test in all areas, not just what he is originally brought it for. So in the course of this eval we discovered a significant problem with eating and that they can help us! I have struggled with feeding issues his whole life, but was disappointed to find out we could have prevented alot of these. The NICU doctors should have referred us to EI when we left with his sucking and latching problems we had. They could have worked with him and solved the problems. Instead he has problems with eating solids too. So he definantly needs some Occupational Therapy for the feeding issues. In fact they were pretty bothered we have just taken the time and patience to feed him like we have, when they could have helped us!! Like we had a choice! So the OT called me after we got home with some stuff to do now until we can get started. I bought a different bottle tonight that she swears does wonders. So we'll give that a shot and see how it goes.

Now we just wait and see what all the therapy and excersizes do for him. That will start after the first of the year.

We also have a new IEP meeting with the special needs team next week to go over the testing Trevor just had done. He has to have all this major testing done every three years and so he just had that done, plus we are changing his qualification with Weber County. So I'll let you know how that meeting goes. I am hoping that we get all this done and over with to have a fun Christmas.

I'll keep you updated on all the kids. I can't post the pictures we had done for some I will try to get some updated ones done soon.

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Mike and Brittany said...

You are one busy woman. As for the pictures, sometimes if I try to download too many at a time, it doesn't work.