Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wild and Crazy Week!!

It has been a wild and crazy week. I don't feel like I have even sat down this past week, let alone been on top of things!

Trevor woke up yesterday with a red eyelid. I took him into the Doctor last night and found out he has an infection in his eye. Big surprise. What I was suprised about was that he had a double ear infection, red throat and swollen nasel passages. Um.. I didn't even take him in for that. He has not complained of not feeling well, but then again, he never does. But he hasn't had a fever or anything. So I feel bad he has probably not felt well and I have been sending to him to school. His asthma is acting up, and he was wheezing more than normal when she listened to his chest. So we are going back to nightly nebulizer treatments. At least it is christmas vacation and he is out of school.

Jordan had his preschool singing program a couple days ago. He was very shy about going up in front of everyone, but once he was up there and singing, he did awesome. He sang all the songs and did all the actions. I was very proud of him. Preschool has been a struggle with him lately, so I had no idea how it would go. I didn't get any video or pictures since both of our camera's had dead batteries. I was so not prepared apparently.

I also found out this week Josh is allergic to milk. He has had all sorts of problems with formula since he was born. We have been on every kind, every brand. Two months ago he had a bad diarhea thing that lasted 4 weeks so I took him in. The PA that saw him said she thought he had a milk problem or at least a lactose problem. So we went on Lactose Free then. When I took him into his 6 month appt the Pediatrician said that if he got really constipated again, to go back to regular formula. So last weekend, I bought some since he was having issues again. On sunday he rubbed his face alot, but I didn't think anything of it since he was tired that day. On monday morning I fed him his first bottle of the day and when I looked down he was rubbing his face again. I took the bottle out and low and behold he had hives everywhere. So I took the bottle away and waited an hour before trying agian. The hives came back again. I tried a third time when I got home (I was babysitting my neice) and he got hives again. So I called the Dr office and they told me that I was right.. he is allergic to milk. Since I was allergic and Trevor was too, it is not a suprise. So we put him on soy formula, he was so much better in 12 hours, and now his spit up is gone too. So now we get to do the full fledged soy stuff again. At least I have been through it before and know what I am doing. It just will be more difficult since he has two older brothers that will get stuff he can't have. Poor boy.

So between all the health issues, holiday plans and shopping this past week, it has been a wild and crazy ride. Thank goodness we are surviving it. I hope everyone is surviving and has a wonderful Holiday season.

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