Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jordan is 4!!!

Jordan is 4!!! Can you believe it? Sorry the pictures aren't any better, but it was crazy and there wasn't alot of room for him to open presents. That is what happens when you get both sides of the family in our house.

The two kids you can see here in this picture, are my cousins, Kendra and Harrison.
This picture is of Kendra, Harrison again, as well as my nephew Jarron (who is Jordan's age).
He had a great birthday and got way too much stuff as usual. He got a changing color Light Saber, Star Wars figures, a pirate sword, punching bag, spider man gun, airplanes, and a few outfits and jammies. He was so excited he couldn't even decide what to open first. It was a lot of fun! It's hard to believe his is 4 now. Time sure flies by!

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Allie said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!! I cant believe he is 4!! and Josh is 9 months old!?!?!? wowsa!! I hope you had a great birthday!