Saturday, March 8, 2008

Josh is 9 months!

Can you believe I have been able to do two posts today? Amazing!

It is hard to believe that my 'baby' is 9 months now! Life sure does fly by, and before you know it, they aren't a baby anymore!

He is so happy he can finally sit up now. He has been in therapy for three months now, and it is helping him. He is still a little unsteady, but for the most part stays sitting for long periods of time now. We are now working on some exercises daily to help him learn to scoot and crawl.
His OT therapy is going good too. We haven't made too much progress there, but at least we finally know some of the reason he is having such a hard time. His gag reflex is on the front on his tongue instead of the back of his throat. It is re trainable, but takes time.
We have also found out some interesting things with him. He is allergic to Milk and peaches, which we knew about. But we recently found out about an egg allergy too. They aren't supposed to have egg whites until a year, but Gerber puts some egg yolk in one of the chicken noodle dinners they have in stage 2 foods. I gave it to him three separate times to make sure it wasn't a freak thing, and he got hives all three times, with each time being worse. At his check up the Doctor said that if he has a problem with egg yolk... it means we have some serious food allergy problems. So we now have an epi-pen we carry with us, and we hope to never have to use it. His food allergies are much worse than Trevor's ever were.
And if that wasn't bad enough, he also has ear problems as well. He has had 4 ear infections since Jan 4th, and when he was in for his check up, the Dr found his ears are infected again. So we have an appt on tuesday with an ENT (ear, nose, throat) Dr. to see about probably getting tubes put in. I feel so bad for this poor kid! He has ear problems, is teething again, and just had shots. So needless to say, I am not getting alot of sleep! It is a good thing he is so easy going!

And for everyone wanting to know about our puppy, Gracie,here is a new picture. She is doing good. She hasn't grown much, she is about 7 pounds. She had a reaction to her first set of shots and I had to take her back in for Kennel Cough last week. She just got through with some antibiotics to help that. Life is sure never boring around here!
I will keep everyone updated on the kids when I can. I have been pretty busy with them lately, plus we have stuff coming up in the next couple weeks for Trevor as well. Thanks for the emails and concern! We appreciate it!


Tanya said...

you're alive! I'm so happy to know that! LOL! Looks like you're busy but for the most part in a good way, so I'm glad. I know- my kids are growing up so fast too! It is nuts!

Anyway, I'm glad you re-joined us all! Take care!

Chan said...

Mel, that is the cutest pic of Gracie, its so good and clear!

Brittany said...

Camden just turned nine months too, and I am a little sad about it myself. I am glad Josh is doing well

Allie said...

where is easter???