Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who needs money??

Apparently, not us! LOL! We just had to put about 600$ into our van today. Not too thrilled about that, when you consider all of our money goes to Josh's medical bills..... but we need to be able to drive to those appts, right?

Anyway, that is not what I was going to blog about today though. I have something much more interesting.... at least for our household. Trevor is the subject of today.

This past monday was a meeting with the school district to determine Trevor's placement for 2nd grade. Scott and I were nervous about this since we knew it was going to be the first year he was possibly going to be somewhat mainstreamed. So we weren't surprised when that is what is going to take place. He will be put into a regular 2nd grade class with 'support'. Neither Scott, nor I, are exactly sure how we feel about this right now. He will be pulled out for resource help a few times a day, so that will be good, but I just don't know about him being in a class with 25 others students and one teacher. I just don't know what to think. At least we let them know we weren't thrilled over this idea, but they reminded us we can re-evaluate this fall. We'll see.

The team was great about helping us with some pretty big behavior issues going on with Trevor. We are actually going to get to meet again next monday to put into place some new ideas to help us at home, and to get us through the summer. I am so glad that we do have the help we do, I just don't want to backslide from where we are now.

We also had an appt with our wonderful Pediatrician today. Dr. Stevensen is a great doctor and we love him! He spent a good half hour just talking to me about what is going on and how things are going. After much thought and research, I decided that maybe some medication at this point isn't all that bad. So we decided to put Trevor on some meds to help with his aggression/anger problems for now and maybe just through the summer. It is a very low dose for now and we'll just increase in small amounts if needed. I never thought we would go this route, but we just can't keep on going this way. So we'll see what happens.

Other than that, things are the samo-samo here. We are just chugging along and waiting for some nice warm weather to get out more. Summer is coming on us fast. There is only 4 weeks of school left. Can you believe it?? Time sure flies!


Tanya said...

Ok, from the sounds of it, I'm with you. But here's hoping and praying for the best!!!

Amy said...

Who does need money? I wish it wasn't such an important part of life. It sucks when you see it go so fast. I hope your car is fixed now.
I think that maybe it was a good idea to try a low dose of medicine with Trevor. It may make a world a difference. If not at least you know you tried. I hope everything works out with his schooling. We are always praying for you guys.

Chantel and Brian said...

What happened to your car? Maybe the medicine will help him be more balanced with his big class next year. I hope he does well with mainstreaming. He'll probably amaze you and do great. To bad we can't see into the future eh?

Annie said...

I hope everything works out for Trevor. The spirit is always there to help us make those tough decisions and I am sure you are listening!

maidmarian4 said...

Did you take Trevor to Dr. Kenneth Stevenson? If so, we LOVE him too! The best Dr. there!

I understand hating it when they change things with the services. I wish Brooke still had the attention the Sp. Ed. Preschool gave her a couple of years ago. But, she is still progressing, so that is good! I wouldn't be surprised if they knew what they were doing. :)