Saturday, May 30, 2009

Josh's surgery

Well we are home and in one peice! I don't think Josh or I have ever been as glad to be home as we are today. It has been a long two days.

We arrived at the hospital and they were not only running on time, but early! So he was taken back quickly so we didn't have to do too much sitting and waiting with Josh. They let me take him back and hold him while they gassed him with a mask. After he was already out they did his IV, drew his blood and took his NG tube off. So he didn't feel any of that... thank goodness.

His G-tube placement went well and Dr. O'Gorman (his GI doc) did an upper GI Endoscopy as well. She found that all that was normal, but took biopsy's as well. Then a pediatric surgeon came and did the full thickness colon biopsy. He won't have those results as well until next week. But visually everything in the upper GI looked OK. Nothing to explain his problems yet.

So here is some pictures of him right after surgery. He did very well waking up. He was soo quiet, he did not make a PEEP for at least an hour.

This was taken some time during the night. He had a rough night. He ran a slight fever and was in quite a bit of pain. He had to have several boosts of pain meds through his IV. He is such a laid back kid that we knew he had to be hurting pretty bad to be like he was. It was a very long night and he didn't sleep much.

Then this morning my parents came and were able to distract him very well. He got a new car and was quite happy to play with them. We spent the morning getting all his G-tube teaching done and I learned how to actually do the dressing changes. It was not fun, but had to be done.

And here he is home at least. He was so happy to be home, I am not sure he knew what to think. I am so glad to have it over with.

Scott took this picture of his G-tube. If you are curious about it, you can click on it and see it larger. He will go back in 8 weeks after the site has healed and have what is called a MIC button placed. I post pictures of that when it happens. For now he just has this huge tube sticking up in the way. It could be a fun 8 weeks!

We did at least get all his blood work results back before leaving today. Everything there was normal. So we can rule out some things that could be wrong, but we still don't know what is wrong. His GI doctor is running out of ideas, so we hope the biopsy's are more helpful. And he also has his appt this next wednesday with the Genetics department. We hope to find some answers soon. Thank you everyone for thinking of us!!


Amy said...

I am so glad that everything ended up working out as good as to be expected. It's not fun to have surgery but it sounds like he made it through ok in the end. We are still praying for you guys! Love ya.

Tanya said...

i hope you DO get answers soon!!! I love the grinning picture of him- such a cutie!

Shanda said...

What a trooper! He is so brave and you are a great mother! I hope everything goes well.

Ashley said...

Those pictures break my heart! I really hope you can get to the bottom of things. You are doing a great job taking care of him.

nixon5 said...

sorry about the long nights and days they always seem to be that way when there for some reason. Love the last picture though with him and a big grin. Good luck with everything.

Chantel and Brian said...

I'm glad that long weekend is over with for you. I'm glad he pulled out okay and that you guys are back home. He is such a tough little boy. I hope he can actually enjoy some of his birthday tomorrow.

Christensen Clan said...

The last pictures is so cute. He looks happy and healthy. Hopefully he can play without yanking the tube out. Having the button in 8 weeks will be wonderful.

Annie said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I hope you both can catch up on some sleep now!

Pyper said...

I am amazed at all you guys go through. Good luck on your next 8 weeks. I'd be pulling at it in my sleep if I was him.