Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I would love to be so on the ball I had pictures downloaded and ready to go for this post. But..... life doesn't always work out that way. So there will be pictures soon........

We haven't been busy as in going out and about, but we have been busy here at home.

My sister, Amy, and her family have been here from Philly visiting. It has been so wonderful to see her and spend family time together. Makes me miss her so much more. Today we went to the zoo with all of us siblings, families' and my parents. It was so fun to see all the kids get excited over the animals and just be together. After a quick downtime for us all to rest, we went out to dinner. My dad decided to take us all to El Matador here in Ogden since my sister and brother in law LOVE it and miss it. It was so fun to just be together with no worries and eat yummy food. Thanks Dad... since I know you do read this! LOL!

Other than that we have just been doing the same old things. The kids have been swimming a few times at our pool and getting more brave in the water. It has been great to see how much Jordan has changed in the water this summer. Love it!

Josh has kept me pretty much busy almost 24/7 the last week. His surgery went well of course, but recovery...not so much. I just figured it was a fast procedure, with nothing new as far as incisions or anything, so he would bounce back. It has been just as rough as the last time. He has been hurting a LOT more than I thought he would, and is just in general more clingy and whiny. His surgery site got pretty inflamed and red after surgery and now we have a granulation problem on top of that (granulation is an overgrowth of scar tissue that hinders healing and bleeds a lot). We have been doing the cream several times a day and I think (knock on wood) we have turned the corner on this one. I just want him to feel better so he sleeps longer than an hour at a time at night. But it still is nice to not have that huge PEG tube taped to his stomach, so I am grateful still.

Scott is still looking for a job. He has probably turned in or sent out his resume 150 times by now. He spends quite a bit of time every day looking for a job. It's been 6 weeks now and he is still looking just as hard as he did 6 weeks ago. I am proud of how hard he is trying. I know that the right thing will come along, we just have to be patient. This economy is really rough on all of us.

We are now getting into the swing of back to school time. We will be starting our 'school' schedule next week to get Trevor ready to go. I am excited for this year coming up with all the new changes. I am also realizing I am going to be more busy than last school year. But it's OK, I am getting pretty good at organizing with a calendar!

So that is the latest from here. I will post pictures of the last week when I get some more time.


Lori said...

i'm sorry Josh's recovery isn't going that great. :( poor kiddo. Man, this economy sucks doesn't it? I hope Scott gets something soon!

Chantel and Brian said...

you amaze me that you can keep up with everything that goes on with your kids. i can't believe jordan is old enough for kindergarten. that is great. i hope josh can recover soon. His little surgery site looked so horrible a couple days ago. I feel so bad for the little guy! The zoo and el matador were great!

Tanya said...

Ohhh....that's so sad about Josh. Hate scars...!!!
I'm glad you guys got to spend so much bonus time with Amy! :) The zoo sounds great!
Good luck to Scott!!!!!

Ashley said...

I am glad you have gotten to spend so much time with Amy. Hopefully Scott will find something soon. Sorry to hear about little Josh. Hopefully things will look up for him.

Annie said...

How is Amy liking Philly? She is only like 2 1/2 hours from me if she ever wants to visit New City she could stay here.
I hope Josh is feeling better. Poor guy.
I am glad to hear that You guys are staying positive with the job hunting!