Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays

Trevor has been seeing a therapist with Weber Human Services, named Joel. We like Joel and he has given us some great coping tools. From day one of our sessions, he has told me that Trevor needs a Med Eval with the psychologist. But in order to do that we had to feel out some eval forms and both his regular Ed. and Resource teacher did as well. I put a rush on the teachers and was able to get them both back in yesterday. Before handing them over to the receptionist to be scored, Joel read through them and what the teachers had to say. Basically he told me it was what he was suspecting, but now is sure of. Trevor has ADHD. It actually is common for Autistic kids to have ADD or ADHD. What his teachers said was he is not aggressive at school (good news), he does very messy and poor work, he does not remain seated, he daydreams, ect. Also his regular Ed. teacher mentioned that he is not socially fitting in and the other kids are starting to notice how different he is. She called him 'socially misfit' with 'odd behaviors'. Nothing we didn't already know and suspect.

I am glad he is getting some help right now, because I am in way over my head. When Trevor was at the NUAP and we were learning all about Autism at that point, I remember hearing about ADD, ADHD problems and thinking at that point that I was soooo glad he did not show signs of it. I feel way overwhelmed with this... although we have been dealing with the behaviors for awhile. I think it is just having one more diagnosis that is hard for me. But I hope the Dr. can get him another med added to the one he is on, or change it all together and we can get him in a better place. I know there is something out there that will work, we just have not found it. I hope we do soon. Or else I might go crazy.

Now you know. I am scared of ADHD. Awesome.


Deb and Spence said...

I would be too so don't feel bad! At least it has a bit more research in it (I think). And at least there's something specific so you're not still wondering. That's a positive, right?

Jessica said...

You are so amazing Melissa! You have trampled so much already and I believe you will conquor this too, even if it is ADHD. Its NOT who your kid is, it's just another lable! Keep your chin up, smile and remember you are loved!

Amy said...

You are super brave sister! I hope that maybe you guys can now find some more help with him. And don't let what his school teacher said get to you. They are comparing him to normal kids. He is a special boy and we love him!!

Chantel and Brian said...

I didn't know ADHD was even being considered. Now that you know you can treat it. Best of luck. I'm glad the therapy has been good for Trevor. Let me know if you need anything.