Monday, June 28, 2010

What's in my camera?


I downloaded all my pictures in my camera and finally got them on here. We have been busy playing with my family that is all here from back East.

This is Pack Meeting last week. Trevor's Den did a skit that one of the other kids wrote. It was so cute!

Trevor earned his Bobcat!!!! He was so excited to be able to earn it and get the award at Pack Meeting. It's nice his dad is the Cub Master so he presented it to Trevor.

He doesn't look very happy here, but I promise he was excited. He just doesn't like being in front of people.

On saturday night was the annual South Ogden Days. We are lucky to live right behind the park so we can enjoy the fireworks from our backyard. Scott found an old box of sparklers and got them out for Trevor. We realized he has never done them before. He was nervous at first, but got the hang of it pretty fast. He loved it and has asked for more on the 4th of July.

Today most of my family and I went out to Antelope Island. It's been years since I was out there and when I was there I didn't do anything. So it was kinda interesting and I learned some things. Here are a bunch of pictures from it.
Visitors Center

Display of Brine Shrimp (that is harvested in the Great Salt Lake)

Great Salt Lake and the Marina.

This is a saddle at the Ranch House.
This is the old Ranch House.

And old Cellar.

A BunkHouse of some sort.

The Kitchen in the Ranch House.

The laundry room in the Ranch House.

Dining Room in the Ranch House.

The Living/Family Room in the Ranch House.

Horses in the Corral at the Ranch House. Josh loved them.

And the chicken coup at the Ranch House. Josh kept sticking his fingers through the chicken wire. About got his finger pecked off a couple times. Silly kid!

And after all that, I don't have any pictures of the Buffalo we saw. I was driving everything we saw them so I couldn't take pictures. Oh well.
It has been a blast and so amazing to have my family here from out of town. I haven't seen some of them for 6 years. And I haven't met 3 of my cousins kids. I am looking forward to our huge family reunion this saturday. I am sure I will have lot's of pictures!
*** Just a side note: The pregnancy is going good. My blood clot is stable and will be there the rest of the pregnancy. Other than the ton of restrictions I have, things are going as good as can be expected for me now. I have another appointment on July 7th and I hope she can tell me the gender. Wish me luck!


Jessica said...

I wish you luck! Looks like you are having a great start to the summer!

Deb and Spence said...

Love the pictures! I've never been out there so I guess we'll have to make a trip. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple days!

Tanya said...

*all* of my posts lately are photo overload! :) I forgot about warning people of such.
Looks like you guys had a blast tho! And hooray for Trevor's bobcat too!

Chantel and Brian said...

Fun! I've never been to Antelope Island and would have liked to have gone with everyone. Go Trevor on getting his award!