Thursday, June 10, 2010

Josh's Birthday, Catch-up Post

Better late than never, huh?

We finished off Josh's birthday celebrations this past sunday. He got alot of fun toys at this birthday party and was in heaven...... once he opened them. He would rip some paper off a present and then walk away and we would spend 5 minutes trying to get him to come back and keep opening presents. He wasn't too excited over that part, but was happy to find toys (mainly cars) inside once he did open it up.

This is him blowing out three candles on his special dairy free/egg free cake recipe I found recently (and I am in love with!). He was such a big boy and really was able to blow them out again. I am so proud of him!

Now for our other big changes going on. We knew when we found out we were going to have another baby that we were going to have to move Josh out of the crib. I was originally going to wait until this fall to do it, but changed my mind. Josh usually takes a long time to adapt to change so I thought now would be better so we could use the summer to adjust before the big changes of preschool this fall begin. I was quite nervous about this whole idea but I knew we had to do it. I am not buying a second crib for this new baby. So I went last week and picked out some bedding that is perfect for Josh... Airplanes! He loved them. I also took down all the blue jean teddy bear stuff we had (that we originally decorated with) and I even got curtains that matched his bed set. I think it turned out cute and it was fun to get some new things for him.

This is just a close up of his bedding. Anyone that knows Josh knows how much he loves airplanes. So this bedding set was so perfect. I could not have asked for anything more appropriate for him.

Now for the changes in our room. Until we get our tax refund back in february of next year, we can't finish off bedrooms downstairs for Trevor and Jordan. So since our baby is due in december, he/she will be bunking with Scott and I until we can get everything done. So we moved the crib into our room.
Also after much thinking about it, I realized I had not one single place to put stuff for this baby when we start buying clothes and such. So I spent days on looking for a deal on a dresser/changing table so I can have somewhere to change the baby and somewhere to at least put clothes. I found several I liked, but I was always too late. So I finally lucked out on tuesday and found this one for 85$. I was so excited. It is very solid and sturdy and has lot's of room.

I am excited to have this big change done and over with. And I am so happy that Josh has done excellent on the move to his big boy bed. We have him off night feedings now so things are working well in our favor. He loves his bed and I hope it continues to go well.
Now for other news...
The kids have been out of school for almost 2 weeks now. I am ready for them to go back. LOL!! Trevor is going through a med change right now and has not been the most pleasant to deal with. He has a follow up appt. next week with the psychologist and I am hoping we can do something different. The boys are a little bored now that they don't have school and I have been trying to do things to keep them busy. I have not felt the greatest the last couple weeks, so it's been hard to balance doing things but not over doing things.
I had another OB appt. Things are looking good, and we have a very wiggly child. I have to have lab work done each appointment now and will start the sugar testing soon. Yuck. My favorite part. I am hoping another few weeks and maybe I will get that 2nd trimester boost of energy. We'll see.
Other than that we are all doing good. The kids are still doing baseball and T-ball and will for another week and a half. It has been fun to see how well they are doing and enjoying it. Trevor I think has some of his dad's talent and really loves to play. I think he might just be our baseball player.
I will try to do much better at keeping this blog updated. I hope I can get into a good summer schedule and life will mellow out some. LOL... here's to hoping anyway!


Deb and Spence said...

That airplane set looks great! I love it! I'm glad everything's looking good so far. Hopefully you'll start feeling better though!

Tanya said...

Sounds like mostly good news!
I sooo hear ya on school...I love being together as a family but a break is a GOOD thing.

Jessica said...

I LOVE HIS BED AND BEDDING! where did you get it?? We are shopping for a toddler bed for J since he has decided to start climing out in the middle of the night(stinker!) I am so excited for all the changes that are going on for your family. Josh is going to be a big brother!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Yea for the big boy bed! I hope he is doing ok in it. I bet it's nice to have him off the night feedings. At least you don't have to worry about him being attached to anything. I am so glad that your room is big enough to fit the crib in it. I think the sleeping arrangment works out great. And another Happy Birthday to Josh. You need to put a ticker on your blog that tells me how many weeks you are. Even if I write it down I somehow forget. I hope your taking care of yourself.

Annie said...

Wow you are fast at getting everything ready for the new baby. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon. What a great deal on the changing table it looks great. I hope the new bed is going well. Very cute bedding!

Chantel and Brian said...

Parker also loves the bedding set. It's great for little boys. Tell Jessica that if it's a toddler size bedding she's looking at, Target has cute boy sets, with cars and stuff. It was fun to watch Josh with his presents at his party.

Lori said...

josh is getting so big! that's an awesome changing table. woot!

Greg and London said...

I love love love the curtains!

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