Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeding Clinic

Yesterday was Josh's appointment down at Primary Children's with Dysphasia (Feeding) Clinic. For once it was an awesome appointment with no huge surprises, bad news or frustrating conversations. Go Josh!!!!
Josh is now in the 27% for weight and 29% for height. Perfect. Absolutely Perfect! But I did know that Josh was doing really well. He is happy, full of energy and has actually been well and not sick all the time. It is such a relief to hear that.
So since he is doing so well, now is the time for some big feeding changes. I am quite apprehensive about it, but know it will be good. I just hate to rock the boat when things are going so well. But it's time... I know. He had some med increases with his weight gain and that was really the only other thing we are doing. We are going to try to change him over to this drink called Splash that can replace his formula. It's different from anything we have ever tried before, it's fruit flavored (they have tropical, orange pineapple, grape) and it comes in a juice box. So far he has seemed to like it OK. Here's to hoping!!! He will go off continuous feeds (can I get a wahoo???) and do 5 bolus feeds a day. We will start with food first and what he doesn't eat will but put through his G-tube over a short amount of time.
I feel really good about all the changes and I am so incredibly happy to be in a place with him that we can make some major changes. It's just hard to think about what can happen if we push too hard or things go south. I just hope it will all work out well. But we have one amazing little boy, so that helps a great deal.
And on another side note, my sister-in-law had her twin girls yesterday!! Andie was 5lb 1 oz and Cambrie was 6 lbs. We are so happy for their expanding family!! Such beautiful girls too!


Tanya said...

HOOOOOOORAY for happy news!!! I am so glad! :) GO JOSH!
And best of luck on the changes. it would be really awesome if it just all went fine. :)

Chantel and Brian said...

That is great news.I'm glad you had a good appointment for once. Even with all of his feeding problems he's higher in percentages than Parker. Good luck with the new menu. I hope all these changes go well. Yay for Reanne!

Lori said...

yay. i'm glad things went normal (whatever normal is, right? ha) woot!

Amy said...

I am so happy for you guys! Josh seems to making a lot of progress lately. I hope that everything works out the way they plan. You need to post more pictures of the new twin neices.