Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am still here!!!

It seems like everytime I sit down and even think about doing a blog post.... something happens and I get distracted. Plus, since my iTouch has Wi-Fi on it, I do most internet things, checking blogs, ect. while resting on my couch or laying down. Since I have not figured out how to post from it yet... I keep getting behind.

So, just in case you are wondering about how we are surviving........

Me. I am stable. That is the best way to describe it. The contractions are staying under control as long as I don't lapse in my meds or do too much activity. It is so hard to believe I have been on meds for 11 weeks now. That seems like so long to me! I really can't wait to be done with the ProCardia. It causes migraines and nausea, and occasionally dizziness. I am taking another med now to counter-act the headaches and ect so I can function. But that medicine makes me really out of it. But my head doesn't hurt and I can eat. So it's like a double edge sword with meds right now. I just am so glad this is all pregnancy related and I get to stop taking everything once Kaitlyn in born. But on the other hand, my sugars are still doing well and I have not had to increase any insulin in over 4 weeks. So that is great news! I am also trying to get over a bad sinus infection I got with the cold I caught 3 weeks ago. I lost my hearing a couple nights ago and got vertigo (where you are so dizzy you vomit constantly). It was not fun. I went to the doctor the next morning and I have a sinus infection, one ear slightly infected and my other eardrum had ruptured. So it may take a couple more days to get my hearing back to normal. But I am already feeling a bit better today, so I think the antibiotics will work. I just hate getting sick while pregnant. You never know what is something that needs to be treated, or just let run it's course.

And Kaitlyn is doing great. So far every ultrasound (I have one every appt) has been amazing and she is developing well. She was about 3 1/2 pounds last week. Her head is measuring just about average, which was one of my biggest concerns because of Josh. She is most definitely a girl, Dr. Julia told me she rarely gets that good of a look so she can say with 100% confidence. Which is good because my house is getting more and more pink in it. And my sister is throwing me a GIRL baby shower next week (something I never thought I would get!!!!). It's going to be so much fun. The boys don't really have a clue what is going to happen, but they tell me daily they just want her out. I don't think it is because they are that excited to meet her, but they are tired of all the restrictions and stuff on me that has effected them. But they are all troopers and are dealing with it pretty good.

Now the kids. All 3 are doing good right now (knock on wood). School is going well for all 3 of them and we seem to have a nice routine now that runs smoothly. Makes the world of difference when things aren't so hectic.

I will hopefully get to post some Halloween pictures in a couple days. My kids are very low key this year due to Trevor and Josh not liking to dress up and me having a hard time shopping anyway. But it's all good and they are happy.


Deb and Spence said...

A girl baby shower will be so fun! I'm glad she's doing well and growing strong. Every time I read your blog I love the name Kaitlyn more and more.

Jessica said...

I am so excited to see you at the shower! I will also bring you those feeding sryinges, and a pack of diaper gene bags that we never used. Things sound like they are going great for the kids and thats alwasys good to hear! Miss you!!!

Tanya said...

This is a great post. :) All happy, or at least content...except you. ;) Darn Mom-job some days. LOL!
I get to see you soon too! WHOO!