Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's been awhile!!

Well it has been awhile since I have been able to get a post done. Life is pretty crazy around the holidays anyway, but you add sick kids and it all goes by so fast!

Yes we had a good christmas... sick Jordan and all. He is finally better now, but Josh has it pretty bad now. I took him into the Dr two days ago to find he had a double ear infection that was pretty bad. His ears seem to be much better now, but his chest cold is going strong now.

We finally got Josh's therapy all worked out and started. He will have PT (Physical Therapy) twice a month and OT (Occupational Therapy) twice a month... so basically we will have someone here weekly to work with him. He has made a few improvements since his original evaluation, but does need some extra help still. He is finally rolling over and holding some toys. When I took him into the Dr last month for his 6 mos appt, he was 16lb 7 oz. I took him in this past week (exactly a month later) and he was 18lb 8oz! Can you believe it! He did have his clothes on the second time, but jeez!!! Talk about a big boy! He is soo tall, I am not sure what to do with him. My nephew Parker, who is turning a year this week, is the same size as him. He has grown out of all his clothes I thought would fit at least through the coldest part of the winter. He is now into 12mos and some 18 mos size stuff. And it's so weird since he really doesn't have much fat on him. He is just one solid kid.

We also recently had a IEP meeting to discuss and change Trevor's diagnosis as far as the school district is concerned. FINALLY we have his disability as Autism. It has taken a couple months to get there, with NUMEROUS rounds of testing as proof, but it's finally done. Thank goodness! Not that I like labels nessesarily, but we need the correct one so he can get the appropriate special education help he needs. He is doing amazing and we are so happy to be able to relax now.

Tomorrow is the first sunday of the year and is going to bring many changes for us. We have the yucky 1-4 church time now, and everyone has new classes. The boys will be in the same class again, Sunbeams. They have some cute teachers and it should be OK. One of them is a girl from nursery, so the boys' know her. The other one has been teaching older kids, but will be great with the little ones. I have been moved up to the 9 year olds, so I won't be with the boys anymore. Can we say excited!!???? I will have Josh every other week, but it will be nice to not have Trevor to deal with. I think he will be a challenge for the new class, but it will work out. He will get used to it and life will go on. And I will enjoy kids who actually sit in their seats!

I am so glad to be back into the swing of things and that school is back in session. Life has calmed down a lot since the holidays and I am glad. It was wonderful to spend time with our families and enjoy the holidays. Now we just need to survive the snow!

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