Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trevor's 6th Birthday (a little late)

Here is Trevor with his Castle cake I made. He was very insistant he needed it, even though he never ate any.

Trevor and Jordan actually both looking and smiling at the camera..... it's priceless!!
Trevor's birthday was fun, we had his party ahead of time the sunday before since it worked better with everyone's schedules. But he turned 6 on April 9th! It is hard to believe he is that old already. I remember when we brought him home from the hospital........ ahhh.... those were the days.
Just a quick update on him.
He is doing well in school, his last day will be May 23rd. He is learning to read and it's been so fun to see how far he has come this school year. This summer will be a challenge to make sure he doesn't regress, but with some daily work I think he will be fine.

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Allie said...

wow! 6!! Where in the world did the time go?