Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our new floors!!!!!!!!!

This is what we spent a week doing lately! We had carpet everywhere in our house and we finally got some wood down! Thanks to a friends of ours (THANK YOU! Alison and Thomas!!!) We were able to afford to get this done now instead of waiting.
This is the back of our big family/living room where our table and back door are.
This is our kitchen area, I so wish I had before and after pictures!

This is the bar area where the kids eat. As you can tell with Josh now crawling... all sorts of foods he is allergic to on our floor was not a good thing. I am soooo happy about this! My vacuuming time has been cut by 3/4 now! It's so easy to clean up after meals!!
So thank you to everyone who helped us.... Ron, Brian... Alison and Thomas, we could not have done it without some help!!!


Chan said...

The floors really do look great Mel!! A hundred times better then before. And I completely understand about a quick clean up when we have little ones that want to eat everything from off the floor.

Allie said...

Hey, I didnt do anything, I just came and visited you. Thomas only cut your carpet and put that back. Scott, his dad and your BIL did the hard stuff!