Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An update on the youngest of the crew

He is teething again..... can you tell???

I took this picture yesterday just to show that we finally had a warm enough day for shorts.
Now an update on our littlest one. There is always something going on with him. I sometimes wonder where all my time goes... and I think he gets more of it than I realize!!!
Josh had his ear surgery on the 31st of march. He has had some problems and another ear infection since then, but I think we have finally got it under control. He is now on Zyrtec for allergies and the problems seemed to have been solved for now. We are starting a whole new feeding program with him tomorrow when his Occupational Therapist comes back. He has so many food allergies: milk, eggs, peaches, apricots and strawberries. And that is so far. But he is not self feeding or anything yet. So we are going to get that going and start teaching him to put objects in his mouth. He doesn't really do the hand/mouth thing either. Right now we are also on ready-made soy formula and his therapist thinks we can get him back on powdered. We aren't even looking at weaning him off the bottle and formula for a few months, even though he is 11 months tomorrow. We also started him back on some prevacid for reflux and some other meds for constipation. We aren't going to get anywhere until we get the digestive/reflux problems solved.
So that's the latest on that. But the flip side is his physical therapy is going excellent. He is crawling very well, transitioning from sitting to crawling and back again perfectly. Just a couple days ago he started to figure out that he can pull up to things. He hasn't done it alone yet, but he is showing interest. He is also babbling a little now. Since his ears are clear he can ear and balance much better and things have taken off.
He is still such an laid back, easy going baby. He is such a joy and has been a real trooper through all he has been struggling with. I do wish life was easier for him and I hope that it does get better. I can't believe his is a year next month!


Chan said...

i can't believe how big he is. He's like on a never ending growth spurt. He's such a cutie!

Mike and Brittany said...

The floors look great, and the kids are adorable too!!!
I love that picture of Trevor and Jordan- too cute