Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of School!!

Finally! The first day of school has arrived!

It was a crazy morning with a small mishap with the bus, but we made it! I ended up taking Trevor to school 5 minutes late, but his class was still outside waiting for the bus Trevor will be riding tomorrow. So it was OK. They got him on the wrong bus list, so he didn't get picked up today. But we got it all worked out with his bus driver from the last two years, Tad.

He was really excited to go meet his new friends, and see some old ones from his class last year. Today and the next two days are short days, so that should help him ease into it. And it was great to have less fighting today.


nixon5 said...

very cute pictures! aaah first day things that always seem to happen.

Amy said...

I can't believe that he is starting 1st grade. He's getting so big. Oh he looks so handsome!

Chan said...

What a big boy. My youngest nephew on our side is now in 1st grade. Crazy! He looks excited in those pictures with a real smile. I love it. Way to go Trevor.