Saturday, August 30, 2008

The first week of school

Trevor made it through the first week of school! It has been a difficult adjustment for him, but he is going to make it. He has been tired and pretty much on overload when he gets home. I have no idea what goes on there, since he tells me to leave him alone when I ask how school was. He came home with an untouched breakfast and lunch mon-thursday, but yesterday looked like he finally picked at his food. So I guess that is improvement! He will only go one day next week because of the holiday and then our trip. So it is going to be awhile yet until he gets adjusted totally. But it has been nice to have some peace and quiet around here. It will be even better when Jordan starts school too!

Josh is doing about the same. It's hard to believe he will be 15 months on monday! He has had weekly weight checks and has stayed at 20lb 4oz on his therapist scale for three weeks. He lost a half pound three weeks ago, but so far has at least maintained his weight for now. He is not even on the charts anymore for weight, but hopefully we can get him to gain some soon. His eating is about the same, hit and miss. He eats OK some days, other days he fights and cries alot. He has been having some breakthrough reflux problems the past week or so, and possible ear problems as well. I have an appt with his Pediatrician on Tuesday so we'll see how how ears are then. His therapist is coming to that appt with me to discuss some different treatment options with his Dr. He has such an awesome therapist! We are so blessed to have her! And also on a side note, he will be starting speech therapy the week after we get back. I just hope he learns to walk soon so we can be done with physical therapy. Three therapists is alot for a little guy!

So that is how we are doing. I will post some pictures of our trip and some yellowstone pictures when I get back next weekend!

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