Monday, August 25, 2008

Room Changes!!

After much pondering the last couple weeks, I decided to make some bedroom changes around here. Josh moved into the boys' bedroom and Trevor moved into Josh's room.

Trevor and Jordan were awake until midnight many times, and when I finally got smart enough to put Jordan to bed first, Trevor would still wake him up to play when he went to bed. After days of cranky children from lack of sleep, I decided enough was enough. So saturday night I did the switch around. It has been a little bit of adjustment, but all in all a MUCH better arrangement. Last night the kids were all asleep by 830... so we had success!

Here is the room that Jordan and Josh are sharing now. We have left the top bunk on for now, but may take it down if it poses too much of a climbing hazard.

And Trevor's new room. We never thought we could fit a twin bed in this small room/den. But we did it!!! Trevor is very happy to have a room to himself where the little boys aren't allowed to mess up his stuff. Now I just need to finish changing some stuff around and things will be good!


Chan said...

i'm glad they all slept for you last night. I bet Trevor is so happy to get a room his way. Some place he can go to get away. Wise change I'm thinking.

Tanya said...

Looks good!!! I hope they love it!

nixon5 said...

I love their room its decorated very cute.