Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Playing Around

Today I watched my good friend Lorina's kids. We have kids the same age, so it makes it nice. Roman and Jordan have been playing for well over a year on a regular basis. They were both born in March of 2004. Maely is their youngest, she was born on May 1st, one month before Josh. So it works out well while our older children are at school. I decided to take some pictures today of the kids, since they had such a good time.

This is Josh and Maely playing with one of our toys you push around. Josh hasn't mastered that, but sure thought it was exciting she could push it around.

Another shot of the kids playing together. They play together in Nursery as well.

This is Roman and Jordan playing and watching a movie. It's their thing to do.

While I was taking pictures, I decided to get one of our funny looking tree. If you can't tell, the bottom half is void of any decorations or tinsel... anything. It's very bare. I am so glad we have a pre-lit tree, since Josh can touch but can't pull the lights off. Hopefully next year we will have a fully decorated tree!


Tanya said...

hee hee hee, ah I remember the days of a half naked tree...Sigh.

They do look like they kept themselves entertained! Good for you!

Chan said...

How fun! I like the tree! Add character that you have young kids!

Heidi said...

Isn't if funny sometimes the things you have to do when you have kids. It is fun for the kids to play with other kids. That is why my kids go to daycare. We live in the country and most of my friends don't have young kids.

nixon5 said...

Fun times with friends are the best.
Love the tree. My boys never touched our tree all through their tiny little years and are still great. I get this girl and she is a terror with out tree. Its always being undecorated.

Amy said...

Your tree is awesome! I don't have problems with my own kids much this year, it's the kids I babsit that are the problem. They both love it though. It is also fun to let the little ones play with kids their own age sometimes. It's fun to see them interact.

Desiree and Lars said...

Too funny that you can't decorate the bottom. Never really thought about that. I didn't even put a tree up (again). When you go to the in-laws, I find it hard to decorate. But next year I promise! (Hold me to that.)