Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Mom and Dad's Christmas!

On sunday we gave my parents their Christmas Gifts. My sister, Chantel has gone to Ohio for Christmas and wanted to be there when they opened them. It was a great moment to see how surprised and excited they were.

I didn't actually do a whole lot with them, but Amy and Chantel spent hours getting them all put together. They used the Blurb website to design a book for each of them. My mom doesn't have time to scrapbook and just has all our baby pictures ect. in a box. So we all got pictures and 'borrowed' hers and did a book with the three of us girls, from birth to when we each got married. It was so cute and I loved how well it turned out. My mom was a little emotional when she looked through it and we were so glad to give her something priceless for all she does for us. We did another book for my Dad with all his airplane pictures in it. We had him put 100 of his favorite pictures on a CD without telling him why. Since we did it in september/october, he had no idea what was going on. My sister Amy, back in Philly, did his book. When Chantel went to visit a couple weeks ago, she brought it back with her. My dad was so surprised and excited. My brother-in-law, Luke, wrote a wonderful little tribute to him and his passion for airplanes. It is the first time I can ever remember my dad being speechless. It was so wonderful! And even though Amy and Luke couldn't be here to see them, we had our webcams on so they could watch them open it. I am so glad they liked their gifts and hopefully they both know how much we love and appreciate them.

Here is some pictures of them opening them up!


Alice said...

That is so great. A few years ago we made a similar type book for my mom for mother's day using Shutterfly and she loved it. We ran short on time (which always seems to be my problem) so it didn't have all of our pictures but several fun ones for her to enjoy. Maybe one day we can make a more complete version. ;) I love that in those pictures you can see the joy in your dad's face. He obviously loved it. Nicely done ladies.

Tanya said...

How fun! I'm glad they loved the books!

Amy said...

Thanks for taking the pictures of them for me Mel. I am very glad that they both really enjoyed the books. It was a good idea that really paid off. And thankgoodness for modern technology that let me see it in person from way out here.