Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're back in the public eye!

After many problems with people not getting invites or just not getting logged in, I have decided to make our blog public again. I didn't realize how many people really read our blog until now. I am sorry for those of you who have had so many troubles and I hope you continue to read about our family. Happy Holidays!


Alice said...

What a mess. I am sorry it turned into a hassel. Happy to check in either way ;)

Shanda said...

yeahh that whole thing is a pain I wish the would set up an option to email the person if you dont have access and ask for it. I have come across some blogs i want to view that are private and there is no way to ask for an invite... Anyway Berkly is doing really good. The feeding stuff never got better. I am not producing much milk at all and she was dropping weight to fast so I started supplementing then she got used to the bottle. im pumping so she is still getting some breastmilk. Ill do better next time I think since a lot of people have given me good tips I just never got much help at the hospital. Its been stressful but its much better now.

Allie said...

I had to undo my private status a while back. It was too hard for ME to get sure others didnt even try!