Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pictures and stuff

I figured I better post some pictures from the past couple weeks.... except I forgot to take any. LOL. So my dad brought me a copy of all that he took and I am 'borrowing' his.

Our Christmas was great this year. Thanks to some anonymous angels, we had a great Christmas. Since they are anonymous, I can't thank them personally... so whoever you are (and you do know who you are) we are so very grateful for you and your kindness and thinking of us. It truly made it a wonderful Christmas!

Now... onto the pictures. They are random... but fun!!

My brother-in-laws....... they are great!

Both of my sisters with my new niece Evelyn and my nephew Ryan.

This picture is just priceless! He could be a Gerber Baby!

And my other cute nephew Parker. He is wearing his "Big Brother" shirt.

My niece Kyrie. I miss this girl so much. She is so much fun and always makes me laugh.

So cute!!!!!

I can't get enough of her smile!!!!!

Parker getting his Buzz Lightyear and Woody I gave him. I just wanted to see his excitement over it.

Since Ryan and Trevor were sick for Christmas, we had to break it up so that we could all see each other somehow, but not have anyone sick over at my sister's with her new baby. So here is Ryan getting his presents before the rest of us (minus Luke and Ryan, Scott, Trevor and Josh) headed over to my sisters for our family gathering.

My sister and her family.

And finally... here are my boys on Christmas Eve. Scott had to work all night so my parents came up to see the kids that night. My dad even got some good pictures of the kids all together.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I will do a post soon on Josh and some challenging things going on with him right now. I just need some more time to get my emotions under control and life back in order. Happy Holidays!


Heidi said...

Being together with your family is one of the best things about Christmas. I am glad that your sister got to go home. Chan's baby is so precious. Glad you guys had a great Christmas.

azgirl said...

I am glad your dad had taken pictures. At my dads funeral I had my camera but forgot to take pictures. So I am glad Tanya remembered to take pictures for me. Thanks for those who remember and share. Looks like you all had a great time.

Chantel and Brian said...

Wow I hadn't seen any of those pictures from my house on Christmas and the day before yet. I liked Brian's stylin' PJ's... (: Great post. I agree that we have some cute nieces/nephews. I love Kyrie's smile in those pictures. Those were cute pictures that dad got of your kids.

Tanya said...

I'm glad you got to all be together, even if you weren't! :) I am also glad you had a merry Christmas!!