Monday, December 7, 2009

Today is MY christmas day!

Today was a great day! For numerous reasons in fact, for me, it was as good as Christmas.

Josh got his new Feeding Pump today!!! I know most of you won't understand why this is so exciting, so you'll just have to trust me on this. I thought I would take some before/after pictures of this grand event so you might be able to understand.

This is the old and new pump. Look how much smaller the new one is!!!

And this is the new super mini backpack that we ordered. Look how much smaller it is from the one he has been using.

And just a comparison of the Feeding Bags. The new pump has a different design, but holds the same amount of formula. Who woulda thunk it?

This is Josh wearing his old backpack.

And the new backpack! He is doing to be sooo happy!

And here is the new set-up in his room. I am hoping this means a beep-free night!!

Now onto the other reason today is MY Christmas. We had a visitor this morning at our house from the 'North Pole'. It's not anyone we know. He gave us a note that said Mrs. Claus wanted to help us out this Christmas season. The 'helper' went out to his van and proceeded to bring bag after bag of presents in our house. Scott and I were shocked. We don't know who did this but we are so overwhelmed with gratitude. We don't know why someone picked our family since there are so many others out there who need it too. But we are very overwhelmed with gratitude that someone thought of us.

Under our tree is now CRAMMED with presents. We still are in shock and can't believe it. The kids are so excited they can hardly wait to open them on Christmas.

Happy Holidays from a very overwhelmed and thankful Christensen Family!


Tanya said...

Ohhhhh!!!! I am seriously so happy for you!!!
I hope the new pump and everyhting work out so much better! That IS a huge difference- totally makes sense!
I love that Mrs Claus! Whoever it is is awesome.

Chantel and Brian said...

I bet the kids are excited!!! That is a ton of gifts! I'm so glad that someone is helping you guys to have a superb Christmas this year. You guys deserve it. i love how much smaller Josh's pump is. That should help him out.

Cate ;-) said...

Wow this Mrs Claus stuff is so nice and cute and wonderful... What a great day you had! =)
Hope all your kids are doing good XD

Amy said...

I don't think they could have picked a more deserving family to give those gifts to. You guys have had a rough year and now look at how it will end. I am glad you finally got the new pump. I hope it is working better than the old one. I love you guys. See you soon!

Jessica said...

Im so happy that you had such a blessed day yesterday! You deserve it girl! I also hope that you and Josh had a beep free night! I love all the pics!

Daniel and Megan said...

Merry Christmas!!

Deb and Spence said...

A new pump and all the anonymous gifts! That's so cool!

Brittany said...

How awesome on all fronts. Hope the rest of your Christmas Holiday is great

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