Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying to find my new' normal'

I am spending this week trying to figure out what my new 'normal' will be and how best to schedule my days. You see, I got a phone call from Scott this past friday that literally uplifted me in ways I have so desperatly needed.

The news???

He is getting a new schedule!!!!!! Right now he leaves for work at 2pm and gets home at 11:30 pm..on mon, tues, and fridays. He leaves for work at 11a and gets home at 8:30p on saturday and sundays. For the past three months he has missed most nights (which are chaos to say the least!), church and all the family parties. It has literally sucked all my energy to be the only one home during the hard times of the day.

So what has me sooo excited???

His new schedule is mon-fri from 8-6. This means he will be home every. single. night. to help me!!! And the whole weekend as well. He will be able to go to church with me, and to all the family functions. Also....except for that brief time he was unemployed... he has worked saturdays for the past 8 years. So to have him off on saturdays is a dream come true.

So now that he will no longer be home during the day... I have had to re-think the way I am doing things, how to schedule everything in I need to, and how to get around not having him home to be with Jordan when I need to do stuff with Josh. But trust me... it is so worth the hassle it is to find babysitting!

So... I totally have felt the HUGEST weight lift off my shoulders and I feel so happy now. I have been praying for a few weeks now for something to happen so I could make it through the next few months until we get Trevor some help. I have already gotten an initial appoinment for Trevor's youth intake, but it will take time to get things going.

So like I said, I am trying to find my new 'normal', but it's a good thing!!!


Annie said...

Hooray! That is such great news. It will be so nice to have him home at night and on the weekends! What a blessing!

Deb and Spence said...

I'm so excited for you!! I hate hard work schedules. It's so great when you get a good one, especially with kids. So great for all of you!

Tanya said...

Bedtime is the BEST time to have Daddy home, I swear! I am so happy for you!! This will be wonderful!

Jessica said...

What a blessing! I am so glad that you and the fam will all get a more "normal" day time/night time routeen! I hope all is going good with you.