Friday, January 29, 2010

The Josh Roller Coaster.... part 2

See this unbelievably cute and handsome boy???

He needs surgery again. :(

We took Josh to the ENT (Ear, nose and throat) doctor today. Since he caught the swine flu and RSV last October, he has been battling ear infections almost non-stop. I am tired, he is tired and it was really getting old. So it was no surprise his Pediatrician sent us back to the hotel on the hill (aka Primary Childrens) to find out what to do.

Now I am not surprised he needs tubes again. Because when he had them put in the first time I was informed a small percent (like 5%) of kids have to have them put back in a second time because they fall out after a year or so and they still need them. So of COURSE Josh is going to fall into that small percent. Our little fighter goes all out!

But the ENT is also going to take out his adenoids this time around since there is always a chance of a third re-insertion of tubes if he doesn't. Seriously... what % do you think Josh would fall under??? His tonsils will also go if he finds that is the case once he gets in there. Why not?

So with his more complicated history and bad track record of recovery with surgery.... we are going to be staying overnight. yea for me. LOL!

Surgery is scheduled for Feb. 11th. We hope to get it done before he gets another ear infection. We don't want anymore dehydration. Wish us luck! Poor guy!


Tanya said...

He is so adorable! least you know he has issues recovering from surgery this time, so maybe if he has issues, they'll cathc it while you're there.
Its all about the "bright side" isn't it?

Desiree and Lars said...

After seeing your facebook status I wondered...glad you updated so I wasn't clueless what surgery was for. Ugh. He is so tough. And so are you. As always, you guys are in our prayers!

Lori said...

i agree with tanya. this sucks, but at least you'll be at primary's. that's where we went when jaylee needed her tonsils and adnoids out. mainly because she never did well going under and her lungs always collapsed.

thank heavens for the staff there, they were excellent. jaylee did in fact code and she ended up leaving the hospital totally fine and tonsil free. :) i have a love/hate relationship with PCMC. but i'm so grateful they are there.

i'm sorry you have to go back again and again ... and again. much love sent your way.

(you know what's funny? reagan and josh's head seriously look almost the exact same...)

Deb and Spence said...

You guys just can't catch a break! I'll be praying for you. Hope everything goes as well as it possibly can!

Daniel and Megan said...

You're in good hands with PCMC ENT !! Who's doing it?? (I used to be their MA).

Amy said...

I remember when you had your adenoids out. Maybe it runs in the family. Just kidding I know thats not it. I hope doing that will help with a few of his problems. I guess at this point it is nice to have the feeding tube since he will not feel like eating. When is he going to have all this done? I wish I was there to help with the other kids. Good luck with everything and we will be praying for you!

Chantel and Brian said...

Good luck. Sorry it's a bigger deal this time and you'll have to stay overnight. THat will probably be better in the long run. Let me know if you need help.