Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update and Test Results.

Now that the weekend is over and I have kind of (ha-ha) caught up on my sleep I am now getting the blog updated from our latest crisis.

Josh went in and saw his pediatrician yesterday morning. He still has a faint heart murmur, but he thinks it just needs some time to go away. Whew! Good news there! He also checked his ears... which started this whole thing last week..... and he had a double ear infection. Not only is the one that was on the verge at the ER infected now, but the one that was fine is now more infected and inflamed than the other. Poor kid!! So we got an appointment with a new ENT down at Primary Children's and we go next week. I am pretty sure we are looking at tubes again. Sigh...... I am soooo done with ear problems!!! The doctor also had no ideas as to why he got dehydrated other than the fact that his body does not react to illness...even simple colds well and we just need to keep him as healthy as possible. So when we go to the ENT next week, I'll do another update then.

Now for Josh's ELAP test results. This is a developmental test that Early Intervention does to see where your child is at. You have to do them yearly, but Josh has actually had them done every 6 months. So here is his latest results.

Keep in mind that Josh is 31 months old.

Gross Motor = 15 months
Fine Motor = 18 months
Cognitive = 18 months
Language = 13 months
Self Help = 16 months
Social/Emotional = 24 months

His last testing was done in May of 09' and here is how much farther he has come. Gross motor remained the same. Fine motor gained 4 months. Cognitive gained 6 months. Language gained 5 months. Self Help gained 4 months. Social Emotional gained 6 months.

As you can see his biggest hurdle is still speech/language. Although he did gain, I am still a little worried of the fact that his gross motor has remained the same. Not looking so good neurologically speaking. It is sooo good to know we have an appt with his neurologist next month.

All in all he is growing and improving and that is the bottom line of what is important to me. He tries so hard at everything he does and I am proud of what he has done. He is still an amazing child and I am in awe of all he has overcome already.


Tanya said...

ohhh his little cheeks are so kissable! :)
I am happy that he is improving in his skills, that is good at least. And I'm glad about the heart murmer being faint.
Absolutly keep me posted on what you learn next week.

Amy said...

Josh is truly an amazing kid. He does have to work harder than other kids and I think it makes him a stronger kid. It's good that for the most part he is progressing, even if it's not by much. I hope the appoinment next week with be of some help. Good luck sister. As always you never cease to amaze me of how great you are. We are praying for you family.

Alice said...

Baby steps are still progress :) Hope Little Josh is feeling better.

Preemie Miracle said...

Man I need to put you on my reader :) I am so with your girl on the speech thing.. we need that SWITCH!! Keep it up mom you an do it!