Sunday, May 30, 2010

The start of the birthday celebrations!

I can't believe my little boy is turing 3 on tuesday!!!! We have kinda split up the celebrations a little and started it off tonight.

Josh's G-tube can pose some hard situations at times. I wanted to make a Josh-Friendly cake of some sort and let him go at it. I had to do this at our house since a bath would have to follow. And with a bath means new dressing change and everything. So tonight we had a small get together and Josh got to eat his cake. Enjoy the video's!



Also, just a side note. I have some news about Josh that I will be doing a seperate post on this coming week. Just so you know his genetic testing came back and he had been diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome. It is a chromosome disorder. The 15th chromosome to be exact. I will do a post to let you know all the details. It was just nice to finally get the results back.

Thanks for watching our fun video's!


Tanya said...

Pancakes!! How cute!! :)
Happy birthday to Josh!

Jessica said...

My my my I can't believe he's going to be 3! How fun and exciting! Let me know what you end up making his special cake out of.

I just did a quick google search on what AS is. Im glad that there is yet another puzzle peice to fit the Josh puzzle! I also hope that you have some pease with the diagnosis.

I think of you offten and Im sorry I dont write to you enough! Life has been crazy here but I am hoping it will soon let up. Lots of hugs to my favorite medical mommy! XO

Teri said...

Melissa, I have a friend here in Wichita with twin girls who have Angelman Syndrome. The name is so true; they are the sweetest angels. I am glad you have that part figured out and can hopefully have the whole picture in your sights. You are an amazing mom and I look up to you a ton!

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing the videos. Happy Birthday!

Chantel and Brian said...

Happy Birthday Josh! i'm glad we could come up and celebrate with you guys! I'm also very happy for you that you have a diagnosis. That's gotta be nice so you better know what to expect, and why things are the way they are.

Lori said...

happy birthday josh!

Amy said...

I can't believe he's 3 already! Happy Birthday Josh! I was talking to Luke about Angelman Syndrome and he has learned about it in school. He knew what it was but we looked it up in his books too. Sounds just like Josh. He is such a special little boy. I love that you used pancakes. I bet Josh didn't even care.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Josh