Saturday, September 11, 2010


Jordan started AYSO soccer a couple weeks ago and today was his first game. It's alot different than city soccer, since they keep score, have stricter rules and all games count.

Here is a couple shots of him before his first practice a couple weeks ago. He was so proud. And yes....we finally did get him to put his shin gaurds on the inside of his socks for his game today. LOL!

With Trevor being sick (he has had a staff infection in one of the glands in his neck), both of us had to stay home today. But Scott was awesome and still took Josh to the game. He loved it apparently. Here he is hangin' out.

And this is when he finally gave in and changed his socks to be over his shin gaurds. Silly kid.

And the rest of these are from the game. Since I was not there I am not sure what exactly is going on... but it's 6 year olds.... so I am sure it was a little choas.

His team did great and won the game 7-2. Jordan scored 2 of the goals. We are so proud of him!


Deb and Spence said...

Watching little kids play soccer is so much fun! They always have so much energy even after the game.

Amy said...

I love watching little kids play soccer. He is getting so big and looks so handsome in his soccer uniform. Go Jordan scoring 2 goals!

Chantel and Brian said...

Great pictures of Jordan! He's going to be quite the little soccer player! I'm glad he finally wore the shin guards inside the socks, lol ( :