Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jordan is 7!!!

Jordan turned 7 on March 8th. (Yes I know I am late at posting, but if you read the previous post you'll know that it was because of our computer I wasn't able to do any posts.)

Since I am finally going to be able to do an update on each of my kids now, who better to start with than the birthday boy?

Here are some facts about Jordan you may or may not know:

~He loves Blue. Anything blue. His new bedroom will have blue walls and blue bedding. He even wanted a blue ceiling, but I had to nix that idea.

~He is becoming such a great helper when he is in the mood. It seems like he can do more to help me than Trevor because he understands complicated directions. He will do all sorts of odd jobs around the house if I make him a to-do list.

~He loves Kaitlyn. He likes to spell out her name when referring to her. Makes me laugh. He loves to get her to smile at him and feels like it is a huge accomplishment when she does.

~He loves to play with my iTouch because Scott downloaded a dinosaur game. He is pretty darn good at it too.

~He is reading like a champ these days. He doesn't particularly like math (what MY child not like math? LOL) and will argue about doing his math homework.

~He seems to be the master at knowing odd facts. Mostly it is due to him watching the History and Discovery Channels lately. Whatever it takes to get him to learn.

~He is a very polite, well mannered boy. At least everyone outside of our family thinks so. LOL.

And this picture below really captures his personality. He keeps us laughing all the time.

Happy Late Birthday Jordan!

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Deb said...

I sooo want to eat that cake! I love that you're painting his room blue. It'll be so fun. So glad he can help you out around the house. You definitely deserve a helper!