Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kaitlyn (picture overload)

Now it's Kaitlyn's turn for a post. I haven't been able to do a lot of posts I wanted to do because I needed pictures to go along with them. So now this is going to be catch-up post of several different things.
First off.... just wanted to show you why my little girl needs a room desperately. She already has taken over half of our bedroom. And now the living room is being over-run by her equipment. This first picture is her extra O2 tanks and where I stash all the cases for her monitors, oxygen, ect. for when we take her out.
This is her O2 Concentrator and suction machine. Plus some extra supplies I have are currently being stored here as well.

And we had to move our rocking chair to the basement and put the coffee table against the wall to give us somewhere to put her monitors and ect so the cords weren't stretched halfway across the room. It has been quite the adjustment.

This picture I took one night before her bath. She has built in toys now with all her wires. She has two leads that monitor her heart rate and respiration's for the Apnea monitor. They are on her left and right side with that white band to hold them on. She also has the oxygen cannula on her face with tubing to hold on to. She also had a pulse oximeter that wraps around her foot.

If you look closely you'll see she has a wire of some kind in each of her hands. At least if she chews on the oxygen tubing it is fine. Built in teething toy.

Now to change gears. We blessed Kaitlyn at our home on March 6th. Since we do not take her out yet with it being RSV season still, we opted to do her blessing here. It turned out beautiful and it went very well.
My sister made her a bracelet to go with her dress. It turned out so adorable!!! I did a comparison picture to show you how tiny the bracelet was. I used a milk jug lid to show you the size.
And a closeup of the bracelet. My sister did an awesome job!

This is Scott's grandma Margie Christensen. This is who we got Kaitlyn's middle name from. She is an amazing woman and we hope that Kaitlyn can grow up and be like her with her wonderful example. It is such an honor to use such a great name for Kaitlyn's middle name.

And of course my sweet baby in her blessing dress. She looked so beautiful!!! It was an amazing experience and very spiritual for our family.

These pictures are from last week. I borrowed a Bumbo from a friend in our ward to help Kaitlyn get some better upper body strength. She looks so big in it!!!! Where has the time gone? My newborn is gone and she is growing up.

Whew!!! That was alot of pictures. Now for a quick update.
Kaitlyn is doing pretty good. She has been sick on and off several times since her RSV. We have not been able to begin the process of weaning her off oxygen when she is awake since we have to keep upping her oxygen due to being sick and her sats dropping. But we hope by mid-april to have her off when she is awake. As far as using it at night, it looks like there is not time frame in sight yet. She still has several apnea episodes which are only better if we keep her O2 up higher when she sleeps. We'll get there though. Developmentally she is right on target for her corrected age. She is holding her head pretty good now with just the bobble head effect going on. She smiles, just learned to giggle and is cooing now. She rolls to her side, but not over yet. She still does not hold any toys, but will hit at her floor mat toys that dangle. Her reflux is slightly better now that we have her on two meds for it. She is going with Josh to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor on April 15th because of her numerous ear infections already.
All in all she is chugging along at her own pace and is very laid back and happy. We love this girl so much!!!!


Amy said...

She is so super cute!! I am so glad you posted lots of pictures because that's the only way I get to see her. She looked absolutly adorable in her blessing dress. I think it may even be the same one Kyrie had. I can't wait to see you guys.

Chantel and Brian said...

She is getting sooo big. It will be so fun to have her in her own room! Yay for a pink girlie room at your house.

Deb said...

You're right she's getting so big! I love when they start giggling and cooing. So much fun!