Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Basement

In case you have been wondering what happened to me and why I have not been blogging much..... this is it.

First of all our computer was giving me so many issues. It would not download pictures and I wanted to post pictures on all my posts. So now that we are far enough into our basement budget, we could finally get our new laptop. So now I should be able to blog lot's and lots!

Now for the basement. This is mostly for my sister who lives in Philly (Hi Amy!!) so she can see the progress. This is basically a weekly timeline. Scott and my awesome Father in Law started framing on the 19th of February. Today both rooms have the first coat of mud on and Scott is sanding them down to be ready for the next coat on saturday.

Here is Trevor's room framed.

This is Jordan's room framed.

This is looking from the bottom of our stairs. Their doors are right next to each other.

Closer view....

And this is another view of Jordan's room.

This is their doorway's again, but with insulation. Now you can really see the doorways.

This is Jordan's room again.

This is Trevor's room.

This is the other side of Trevor's room. His room is really big. Very rectangular so long and more narrow. He will have lot's of room to be left alone now.

This next picture is almost the same view...but with Sheetrock on it now. I took the picture before they got to the room for tape and mud.

He has that huge support beam that runs the length of our basement in his room. We decided to paint it white and not sheetrock it... much easier.

This is Jordan's room.
In the pictures below you will see that he has a small built in desk area with a light above it. We had a small awkward space along one wall because of the plumbing for the bathroom that will back his closet. My Father in Law, Ron, came up with this awesome idea to use part of the extra space for a built in desk (he did it in one of the bedrooms in a previous house) and Jordan is so excited to have a desk area. It will also have shelves above for storage (for all his 'projects' he is always doing LoL).

And so that is what is going on in our house. There has been so much pounding, sawing, banging to make the kids (well Josh and Trevor) go into some major sensory overload. My upstairs has a permanent layer of white powder dust from all the construction. It's so worth it though.
I just want to also take the time to let you know how amazing Scott is. He is working so hard on this basement. He spends about 10 hours every saturday now and for the last 2 weeks he spends up to 5 hours at night, every night, during the week to be ready for the next big step each saturday. He is still working and helping with the kids on top of that. I couldn't ask for a better and more amazing husband than I have. I love him so much. I will get all teary eyed if I keep on going. This last few months have been really stressful on both of us and he still works as hard as ever. Love him!!
And I want to also let you know how amazing my family is! Ron has been here for the last 4 saturdays working all day with Scott to get this done as soon as humanly possible. With him being the bishop I know he has other things he could be doing but he is so willing to help. I am so grateful. I am also grateful for my brother in law Jeremy for coming one saturday to haul sheetrock down our stairs and sheetrock the ceiling. I know it wasn't easy for him to get out on a saturday with Raeanne working all day. My mom was her for about 3 days straight helping me strip down and re-stain Kaitlyn's dresser she will be using. I had fallen on my elbow and she helped me immensely so I could stay on track with my timeline. My sister has come and helped with kids for me, and been an great help in numerous ways from babysitting to helping me with Kaitlyn's clothes. And also to my brother in law Brian. He came and helped haul sheetrock down, put it up on the ceiling, came one work night and worked until 10pm so Scott could be ready to tape and mud last saturday. And even came tonight to help unbunk the boys' beds so we can clean out their old room this friday. He stayed and helped organize and throw stuff away for me. It saved me hours of work. I have a cold and Kaitlyn is also sick so it was so nice to have him come do the one thing I was dreading this week.
I have amazing family. I love my family. I love Scott's family. We would be up a creek without a paddle if it weren't for them. Love you guys!!!!


Deb said...

So fun to get projects done! You'll love the extra space with those rooms downstairs. Can't wait to see the final product!

Tanya said...

aww! That is so exciting! YEEEEAAAYYYY for family! Seriously, what would we do with out them???