Friday, January 11, 2008

Poor Josh!!!!

So I was looking through my camera and forgot I had taken these pictures last week of Josh and Scott sleeping on the couch. This was taken right before I took him into the Doctor the first time for his ear infection.
Now here it is a week later and we were back into the Doctor with Josh. He was getting worse and crying so much I knew something was really not right. Low and behold he has RSV. Lovely, isn't it? So it has been a rough week and we aren't done yet. Although we hope that he will turn the corner by tomorrow so we don't end up in the hospital or anything. He has lost over a pound in a week and his ears were worse as well. We also found the rash he had and the reason his ears didn't get any better is becuase he is allergic to Amoxicillin. So we are on a new antibiotic and breathing treatments. The breathing is every 4-6 hours depending on how crackly and raspy he sounds and if he is asleep or not. They do make a difference so I think we are going to be OK. I may or may not have to take him back in tomorrow to check his oxygen levels. We'll see how he does tonight. This poor baby has had everything wrong with him and there isn't anything I can do. It makes me feel so sad for him. He is doing remarkably well considering how sick he is. He is still a little playful and will get on the floor for short periods of time. I am still amazed at how easy going he is.
So I will be home all day for the next week at least. I will keep you updated on him and I hope to not have to send out an update that he is worse. We'll see how thing go this weekend.

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Brittany said...

Poor Josh indeed. Sorry to hear he's not doing well. He looks exactly like Trevor. Cute baby