Friday, May 9, 2008

Poor Josh!!!

I was going to post an update on Josh but hadn't had time....and then THIS happened!!!

Our poor boy had his toe broken! Doesn't it make you sad????

Wednesday afternoon Scott was getting Josh out of our van and accidentally somehow, Josh got his foot slammed in the drivers side door. He cried for hours and would scream when his foot moved or anything touched it. Since I had an appt thursday morning already, we waited to have it looked at. His Doctor looked at it and is pretty sure it is broken, but wanted to save us money and not do an x-ray since you would treat it the same... if it is broken or tissue damage. So, his whole foot is splinted and he seems to be doing better with it... he doesn't cry all the time and can crawl again. So that was our newest drama of the week.
So Josh had a checkup appt to make some changes in his ever-growing list of meds/therapy/food schedules. He started a reflux med two weeks but it isn't making enough of a difference, so we added a second med. He started on some meds for his constipation... Milk of Magnesia, and a double dose at that. So he is now on four meds daily, and I am hoping it is not for long. We are changing to a different formula again to see if we can help his problems too. His Ped. said next month when he comes in for his 12 month appt, if we have not made significant progress with all is down to Primary Children's Medical Center to see a specialist. So pray for us! We don't want to have to drag him to another doctor. The poor boy can't catch a break.
So this is our newest update. I changed bottles again too, so we'll see if that helps with his reflux as well. I will keep you updated on our progress... and let's hope it is positive progress!!!


Tanya said...

Poor baby, just like his mama! :D

Chan said...

Poor kid just can't cut a break anywhere. If it's not one thing, it's another! It was so sad to see his poor big toe! I hope it heals fast.